Game [12] Recap. Tessyier Saves America: Ducks 11, Militia 1 (6)

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball, who names their team the Rebels?

After the storm, and three rain outs since a 10-5 win over division bird rival South Side Eagles, the South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (7-5, 2-1) claimed an early hold on first place in the Wales Conference with a brutal, 11-1 disarming of the Michigan Militia Monday night at Springview Field.

Ducks pitcher, James Tessyier  earned a complete game victory, striking out 7 in six innings of work.


The Baseball gods shit on the Militia for not using this sweet “M”  logo on their caps,

allowing the natural bad-ass spin-off of these uni’s and bathing in the delicious irony of using a non-existing Canadian team’s design as a template for their American Patriotic team of Awesomeness while paying backhanded homage to the two dissolved teams from whence the Militia came and the twilight of Pete Roses’ career.


The Militia bombed the post office in the first inning, scrapping out a 1-0 lead off a lead-off double, an error, a past ball, a ground out and a homemade proximity mine made of roofing nails and propane.

The Ducks answered in the bottom half of the frame, with some excellent base runnig by center fielder Rob Cool.who walked, and stole third after a Tony Casale single, then Cool took home on a wild pitch.

Despite being the last player on the team without a hit, Cool finds ways to help the team.

1-1 after 1.

Tessyier retired the side in order in the top of the second, then the Ducks scored two when Gwin adn Murphy led off the inning with HBP, followed by a FC by Duffy.

Mike Cinefra drove in two with a two out single.

3-1 Ducks after 2.

Things got tricky in the 3rd.

The plate ump’s strike zone was tighter than any number of inappropriate metaphors.

The Militia’s fierce brand of urban guerilla warfare, had the Ducks cornered, lookng down the barrell of a homemade, plastic gun which can be smuggled through customs undetected – like in In the Line of Fire. They had those things, it was terrifying.

Militia Leutenant, and former Braves prospect, John Tremel was up with the bases loaded, and bazooka-ed a shot, ear-marked for the rightfield corner, but 1B Nick Berdine had other ideas.

Great hands.

The oh-my-gosh snag led to a double play to end the inning.

hands that heal…

The militia only had one more baserunner past first for the rest of the game. Berdine’s catch was pivotal.

Sorosky struck out on a high fastball and was hit in the sack like five times at second.

This pic came up when i googled "militia."

Berdine added two RBI and a stolen base in the bottom of the 3rd.

5-1 after 3

in the fourth, the Ducks scored four more, putting the game into blow-out territory.

Tim Lipp, Anthony DeFilippo and Rob Cool had RBI.

Mark Guthrie scored in the fifth.

Alex Harsh singled, stole second and scored on Tony Casale’s game-ending single in the sixth.

11-1 Ducks.


South Oakland plays the Eagles at 9pm, Monday night at Springview.



9 thoughts on “Game [12] Recap. Tessyier Saves America: Ducks 11, Militia 1 (6)


    I check out that link. It is possible the team’s intended association is with one of the many militia groups which have been the good guys in US history, but that would be boring to write about. i think of the SNL skit about the Michigan militia from the 90’s, which I can’t find on Hulu or youtube. However, if the dead reanimate or robots become self-aware we will need the Michigan Militia.


  2. Militias are the most ridiculous things out there. Gun crazed fools.

    Peace and love baby, and throw the hatred down. Thats the ducks motto.


  3. Many odd people from Michigan besides the militia (which I’ve always heardassociated with the right wing element)..

    Ted Nugent, Jack Kevorkian, Jack White, Nate McLouth…

    I think the Militia are in need of some wasabi peas.


  4. Jack White 4 life!…It took me a while to figure it out too, it loks like ELB, but that doesn’t make any sense. lower case m.

    We should not under estimate the militia in the double header next month or whenever it is. they have a solid, dangerous, squad.

    It’s not too late to order a bunch of those hats, tremel…


  5. i was thinking the same thing about the m for the expos symbol. I went the the giant space ship (olympic stadium) as well. Don’t remember much other then it being a giant cave. Which seems to me like a great place for a militia to hide….


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