Numbers: (Edit: Now with link to bulldogs blog, where they will soon have a glorious literary response to this post)

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

We’ve rolled our way into the semis.

Clinton plays the Bulldogs this weekend and the Ducks play Elliot.

The Bulldogs just won their first playoff game in team history, which was their 100th franchise victory. A nice way to remember both of those events, but I think it’s kind of like having your birthday on Christmas.

 I was inspired by Lucky13’s blog post on the bulldog’s blog (not the picture so much as the number crunching) and updated our About Page to (somewhat) accurately reflect our team history and record.

Anyway, in a fit of math I figured our all time regular season record to be 114-96-4.

We likely own the all-time ties record.

Our playoff record is 17-7

That adds up to something like: 131-103-4

We’ve completed our tenth regular season.

Noteable ten year Pittsburgh NABA players: Craig Boley, Kenny Powers, me and Newman of the Warriors, but he may have taken a sabbatical one season.

I don’t think there are any other players who’ve been around since ’03, and since the Black Sox and Warriors started as the Piranhas and Stampeders, we are the only team that’s been around since the beginning.

Ten years ago, Ken Cool and Bob Swartwout, two of our best players this year, were 11 and 9-years-old respectively.

Since the Ducks formed in 2003, the Pirahhnas, Stampeders, Rangers, Insulright, Yankees, Owlz, Maulers, Knights, Matadors, Hurricanes, Orioles, Bombers, Colonials, Pythons, Phantoms, Arthropods, Rakers, Gray Bats, Sharks, Oilers and Rebels have come and gone.

That’s 20 teams and I may have forgotten a few.

Next season we could get a patch with an X on it if we wanted.

This season we have a chance to reach the finals for a third consecutive year, if we can get past Elliot.

Not that it wouldn’t have been tempting to put aside the team I’ve been a part of for 1/3 of my life to be the sixth outfielder and fourth-string first baseman for Clinton this summer.



11 thoughts on “Numbers: (Edit: Now with link to bulldogs blog, where they will soon have a glorious literary response to this post)

  1. Seems eerily similar to a post on the Bulldogs blog regarding their 100th franchise win….

    And I would say that the Bulldogs winning their first playoff game after 7 years is less like having your birthday on Christmas (which my cousin does), and more like losing your virginity on your 40th birthday. At least the eskimo had the common courtesy to avoid phrases like “finally”, or “after years of crushing defeats” in this article. But a courtesy reach around would have been nice.

    The Bulldogs finally manage to hire a new writing team in advance of the playoffs, and the eskimo copies their topics. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they must have recruited some great minds over there at the Bulldogs blog… the eskimo is rarely at a loss for words 😉

    Can’t wait to read their next post, and how the POWDER (Pond of Wincing Ducks Ejaculating Robots) emulates the next post that they read from that fantastic site:

    btw… you need some George Clinton or P Funk all-stars for the next post.

    Keep up the good work over here, the league is better off with this type of good literary entertainment for the libraries of our athletes.



    1. ok, ok, ok. But if I’d ripped off your site all year it would have been blank for 2-months, quack, quack…though you still probably have more than 30 readers a day. In fact our most read post was written by SOrosky after the Militia beat the Hurricanes a couple years ago…Great acronym! Any fact checking on the number of ten-year vets from the league office?


  2. are the oilers still around? otherwise, add them to your list of defunct teams… nice to see we finally got a win under our belt. now if the 28 and over team can only make the playoffs this season…


  3. A reach-around given after the fact, is still a reach-around.

    However, imagine these two scenarios: 1) you went to jail and got ass-raped in the shower, and then had to ask for a reach around after you got out of the shower. 2) While in the shower your shower-mate offers to give a reach-around prior to insertion.

    Its still a reach-around from the same person, but the context is important.

    Martin is about to skype some bulldogs from utah. And if you didn’t know what “skype” was, you’d assume it was some sort of gay reference given the proud history of the Bulldogs.

    No homo.


  4. oilers are no more. and the 28+ Bulldogs need to win out and get some help to make playoffs. Lots of 1 run losses do not a postseason berth make.

    I’ll talk to the Commish about 10 year players.


  5. Records indicate 8 registered as 10-year players this year. 2 black sox, 5 warriors, and 1 duck.

    Rayl, Gwin, and Boley are for sure 10 year veterans. The other 5 il have to do so cross-referencing after I return from my league sponsored vacation. 😉


  6. Just a thought from a NABA player:

    A lot of jagoffs would laugh and say anyone that is over the age of 21 and plays baseball is a d-bag that has no life and nothing else better to do. They might be right. But who gives a shit? I love to play baseball and anyone else that is willing to risk life and limb to play an 8:30 game at springview or moore park on a weekday night or freeze your ass off in mid April or get their asses handed to them because your team only has 8 guys at Pie Traynor in 90 degree heat is alright by me.

    Sooner or later we are all going to get too old, too fat, too injured, too married, or just too downright sucky that we can’t play baseball. My dad always told me that we have a finite number of at bats in our life, so I look at any NABA game as a bonus. Anyone who plays in the NABA probably loves baseball, so if you stuck around for 10 years, well, congrats, and hopefully you enjoyed the good times and the bad times.


  7. Anyone over 21 that plays baseball is a d-bag with no life says a guy sitting on his couch in his underwear playing video games in his parents basement…or he just flat out sucked at it so he quit. Either way who cares is right? Play until you cant anymore.


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