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If you plan on staying with me in Meadville this weekend and need a ride in the Duck Mobile let me know ASAP. I plan on leaving after work, so hopefully around 6PM.

Big Chuck Jones said that he plans on cooking a feast and providing brews.

If you don’t need a ride but need directions to my house also let me know ASAP.

Finally if you havent giving me the money for the tourney yet bring it this weekend to Erie.

I have inside information that YODA will be at our games this weekend.

Ben and Rob Swanger are leaving for Meadville friday as well, and can provide transport for two more Ducks.


Friday Freak-a-link


I leave for vacation tomorrow morning. I’m heading up to Massachusetts for my bday. I will be returning the 21st and heading straight to Meadville Friday night. Ill try to keep posting while I’m gone and if you need to reach me just call my cell. Have a good week and see you all Friday.

Things Ducks do to past the time:

Yoda’s possible identity:

Erie trip next weekend

NABA, pittsburgh NABA

Depo and the rest of the staff will take over the majority of the blogging operations, for a while.

I’ve just let them know via this post.

I’m beat.

Season recap following labor day.

Spots are still available for the Steel City Classic.

email the Commish at if you are interested in entering a team.

9 on 9 winter ball is in the works, email the league office if you are interested.



NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
This post marks the first time in the Ducks blog’ s history I have spelled John Tremel’s name correctly.

The All Star Game was called after 3 innings when the lights malfunctioned with The Monongahela leading 3-1.

Guthrie had the game winning rbi, with a 1 out 2-run bases loaded shot to deep second base the guy had to dive for and make a tough throw the firstbaseman couldn’t hold onto.

the lights came back on after 15 minutes or so, but the Allegheny All Stars and the umpires left had left.

The Owlz boycotted the All Star Game, apparently.

BP Thursday at 6pm.

Kenny, get your team together for the labor day tourney.


Batting Practice

BP Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM

What are people’s plans for lodging in Erie? I’m on vacation next week and won’t be able to make any plans then, so I’d like to figure out what I’m doing this week. Anybody wanna split a room?

Bacon flavored vodka? Who’s gonna pick up a bottle of this for Erie?