Free Agent Signings

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, Bulldogs

Among others, Brian Strom (right) has realized his dream of being transferred to the Ducks.

God this blog sucks now.

Practice at 6:30 tomorrow at SpringView Field.

Next game: wed 9pm at home vs. Militia



Ducks Lose: Bulldogs 6, Ducks 4

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, Bulldogs

South Oakland (0-2-1) trailed 5-0 going into the bottom of the sixth, but rallied for 3 runs, allowed one in the top of the seventh, before scoring another run in the seventh and falling just short.

The game ended on a bases loaded fielder’s choice.

Once again a bad inning – two infield hits, a ball that bounced over our shortstop and a misplayed ball in the outfield allowed the Bulldogs (2-0-1) to get out to an insurmountable lead.

They made fewer mistakes.

It feels like we’re coming together though. We battled, and we still haven’t fielded a full team yet.

Up next for South Oakland of the North Side, a doubleheader against the Michigan Militia this Sunday 10:30 AM, on the turf, at Woodland Hills High.


Playoff Gameday [3] Ducks at Bulldogs

2011 Ducks Baseball, Bulldogs

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side


North Boro Bulldogs

2pm, John Herb Field

We’ll get the Bulldogs ace today, and they will be well rested.

If we can put up 7 on Rafalski without Cinefra or Scioscia in the lineup, we should come in to this one confident we can put up runs on anyone.

Sources say Mike Martin will be in the lineup for North Boro.

The Bulldogs are still looking for the first playoff win in franchise history.

Defending champ, South Oakland has won 7 straight post season games.

Fago is on the hill today.

Bad News for the Bulldogs

Ducks Fly through Hurricanes and soar to the Semis

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In a battle of formidable foes, two of the premier pitchers in the NABA faced off at Joe Graff a.k.a. Volunteer Field. I have been playing baseball for a long time and this is one of the best games I have ever been apart of. The Ducks of old would be proud as we committed 0, that’s right 0 errors. Not even Berdine could Faff it up. Tish was a master on the mound against a great Hurricane lineup and our offense picked up where it left off and gave him a huge early cushion against a very good pitcher.

The top of the first went smoothly, Tish didn’t allow a baserunner until the 5th. The Ducks faced off against Rafalski throwing from the top of Mt. Everest and kept up the hot bats, scoring 4 of the first 5 to come to the plate and 6 overall in the bottom of the first. Lipp lined a ball in the hole to lead it off, advancing to second on T.J.’s single up the middle, and ending up at third after a botched ball by the Hurricane’s third baseman. I guessed right and started early to send a fastball to the left centerfield fence to score two and end up on second.

After watching this video I sent Gwin the following text…

July 25, 2011 12:46 PM I think we we win 2-0 berdine hits a bomb with flip on

With Flip on third, Berdine demolished a 1-0 slider over the high right centerfield at Volunteer into the trees, I got a chub. The feathered ones of South Oakland didn’t stop there. With two outs Ben “Benedict” Gwin rifled a single into right followed by Kenny Cool and then Tim Lipp’s second single of the inning, finally scoring on a Raflaski walk to Zarewicz.

Ben Gwin’s Senior Yearbook Photo

Ducks 6 Hurricanes 0

The second inning only saw three batters a side, but in the third the Ducks broke through for our 7th and final run. I hit the ball harder for an out to start off this inning than I did for my double in the first so I can’t be too upset, and only Fletch saw that the throw was offline and my lack of hustle cost us a baserunner… I owe him laps. Baumgartel and Berdine stayed hot with  singles and Gwin wore a 90 mph fastball on the right shoulder to load the bases with 2 outs. Kenny Cool worked a fast ball count and swung early, sending a spinner out in front of the mound, Rafalski bobbled, fondled, and juggled the ball for a hustle E-1 and another Duck run.

Ducks 7 Hurricanes 0

The rest of the game was dominated by pitching and Duck defense. The only runner to reach second was Rafalski after a two out double, and one of the Hurricane’s 4 baserunners was thrown out at second on a strike em’ out, throw em’ out double play in the 6th. The last out was recorded as Holloway grounded out to Tish and the Ducks shutout the Hurricanes for the third time this season.

Some important facts about the Ducks this season.

-We shutout teams 12 times this season

-Elliot is second with 7

-We have outscored our opponents 22-0 in our two playoff games

-With 45 posts last time I checked, the last post was the most popular I have ever seen and it was a blurry playoff bracket and large Duck penis reference.

The Bulldogs beat us 14-1 and tore Whalen’s leg open in the first game of the year, they have outscored us 14-2. Pitching will be key, defense will be imperative, offense will be crucial. If South Oakland plays the way they have in the last two games, we won’t need a game 3. The bark of the Bulldogs vs. the quack of the Ducks this Saturday, venue and time TBA. Rob Cool is still gay.

Ducks Win 1-0 Thriller in 8

2011 Ducks Baseball, Bulldogs, Ducks win

Unrelated zeppelin song. Now for a letdown of a recap:

South Oakland of the North Side (7-2) won their seventh straight behind phenomenal pitching and timely hitting from the bottom of the lineup.

Ducks lefty, Mike Cinefra pitched a complete game, 1-hit shutout, striking out 12.

Ken Cool drove in the winning run with two outs in the bottom of the 8th.

Both pitchers threw exceptionally well. The Bulldogs’ guy allowed only 5 hits and went 7 and 2/3 with 9 Ks

 The Bulldogs threatened in the second when Rankin hit a leadoff double to right but was stranded on 3rd after a K a groundout and another K.

In the top of the 7th, Ducks catcher James Fago threw out a runner trying to take third on a past ball to end the inning.

 This was the first Ducks Bulldogs game in which we held Vinny Gala hitless.

 In the bottom of the 8th with two outs, Nick Berdine walked to lead off the inning. Gwin singled to right, and Ken Cool drove in the winning run with a single to center.

South Oakland’s 8-9-10 hitters came through with two outs to preserve the win in one of the best games I’ve played in for some time.

Anthony Defilippo, Rob Baumgartel, and Mike Cinefra also had hits for South Oakland.

Black Sox 9pm, Saturday night at Moore Park.

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Gameday [9] Ducks vs. Bulldogs

2011 Ducks Baseball, Bulldogs

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (6-2)


Pittsburgh Bulldogs (9-3)


Springview Field.

South Oakland looks to overcome and early season defeat at the hands of the Bulldogs who couldn’t even do us the courtesy of beating the Black Sox last Saturday.

Thanks guys. Way to be even more hungover at 8:30 am on saturday morning than the Black Sox.

Ducks’ utility player and third base coach, Rick Whalen was hospitalized during the first matchup between the Ducks and Bulldogs, but figures to factor in to tonight’s game in some manner.

Coming in to tonight’s matchup, South Oakland is riding a six-game win streak while the Bulldogs have won nine of ten.

The biggest difference between these two teams over the past four seasons has been playoff success. Since TC took over and then relinquished the manager’s position for South Oakland, the Ducks have won a title and advanced to the conference semi’s for a 6-1-1 playoff record. The Bulldogs can’t make it out of the first round.

Maybe we’ll get our championship t-shirts tonight from the commish?

and where’s my trophy?

I wonder if Flip’s buddy still catches for them?

This blog has turned to crap. However,  the Bulldogs blog has proven to be even more racially insensitive and  hedonistic than Fred Phelps reading from a public high school history book in a battered women’s shelter, wearing a bathrobe made out of  Hustler back issues.

(I’m going the clothes made out of magazines route, it’s getting bad over here. Go read the bulldogs blog.)

Fightin’ words.

“I wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

Bad News for the Bulldogs

Golf Outing Update and some other stuff…

Bulldogs, Ducks/Bulldogs golf outing, League Champion South Oakland Ducks, pittsburgh NABA

Attention golfers and drinkers…..
The 2010 Ducks/Bulldogs end of season golf outing has been scheduled:
WHEN: Sunday, September 19th at 1pm
WHERE: Lakevue North Golf Course – 591 Pittsburgh Road – Butler, PA 16002-7659
GOLF: 18 Hole Scramble-style golf outing 4-Person groups
COST: $65/player or $260/group: includes greens fees, beer, prizes, hotdogs at the turn and a buffet-style dinner after the round

RESERVATIONS: To make reservations please contact Brian Strom at (412) 576-8877 or
– Please try to arrange your own foursome. If you need additional golfers to complete a foursome please let me know ASAP.  – Checks should be made payable to the Pittsburgh NABA and must be received by Friday, September 10th. Any payment after that date will need to be cleared by Lakevue North and entrance is not guaranteed.   – This outing is open to anyone but space is limited.
OTHER DETAILS:  – Lakevue North will provide one 1/4 barrel of beer for the outing. Each cart is welcome to carry one six-pack of beer  that may be brought in or purchased from the course.
– Check-In will be at 12:45pm at Lakevue North under the pavilion. Tee times will be staggered in ten-minute start times from 1:30pm till approx. 2:30pm. Accommodations can be made if a certain start time is desired.
– Additional ideas and donations for door-prizes are needed. Please contact Brian Strom if you can help out with anything.
– All checks will be deposited into the League Account on Friday, September 10th during normal banking hours.
– Prizes will be awarded for the Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin competitions. All other prizes will be raffled during  the post-round buffet.
– The 2010 Bulldogs/Ducks Golf outing is intended to serve as a fund-raising event for both teams in the Pittsburgh NABA and the PBL.

Lakevue North Golf Course has been very generous in allowing us to hold the event at this location. Please respect the course and everyone in attendance during this event.


In other news, 2010 Ducks team awards will be posted along with a season recap from Captain America in the near future.

I’m waiting for the recap to announce the awards, I think that works, right?

I’m all about delegating work at this point. anyone who wants to write anything of any length about the season feel free to email me and I’ll post it or if you want me to invite you to gain login acess to blog strait on the site that would be great.

note: one of the top searches this week was “homemade weapons. “

far out.

There is no off season on the Bulldogs Blog

Note: the 2010 Pittsburgh NABA Champion South Oakland Ducks did not lose a game after the return of Harold the rubber duck.

Seriously, get your shit together and get your foursome signed up with Strom.

The outing will be fun.

The Gwin,Gwin,Gwin,Swanger foursome should be in contention late.


Golf Outing Update

Bulldogs, Ducks/Bulldogs golf outing, League Champion South Oakland Ducks, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I forget the course, but the cost will be $65 per player checks made payable to Pittsburgh NABA.

1pm, September 19th course to be revealed when Strom emails me.

Maybe you’re thinking, “65 bucks, jesus! that’s like a case of beer and an 8th of weed, why should i spend that on golf?”

well, that includes: Cart, greens fees, a deli buffet, hot dogs at the turn, and free beer.

in addition to the chance to win ducks and bulldogs hats and shirts

We will have items to be raffled, prizes for best and worse foursome, longest drive and closest to the pin.

One of the prizes is a bottle of liquor, not surprisingly provided by the Bulldogs.

all proceeds will be split between the Ducks and the Bulldogs.


We need two more players for a competitive fantasy football keeper league.

I know a lot of you probably want the chance to beat a few Ducks at something this season, and if you catch us while we are distracted by the glare of the championship trophy, you might have a shot.

get in touch with me if you’re interested in either the golf outing or fantasy football.

Sign up for Fall Ball at the league homepage


link to playoff bracket

Bulldogs, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball


the above link is also in the handouts section on the main site.

Seeds 5-10 determined by overall record among “AA” teams. Seeds 11&12 determined by overall record among “A” teams. -except the Eagles are now ranked 12 and are eliminated from playoff contention.

Something tells me the Warriors may have forfeitted too many games also, so who knows with that.

Seeds 1-4 are the AA champ and runner up, then the A champ and runner up.

the Ducks are 10-5 vs. AA teams, losses to the Sox, Canes (2) and Bulldogs the Bulldogs (10-3) lost to the Canes today.  the bulldogs play one more game against the maulers so they are done as far as AA games go i think.  We have them 20-11 in the net.

would you rather play the A champ in round 2 and the AA runner-up as the six seed, or the A runner up in rd. 2 and then the AA champ in the semis as the five seed?

the Militia are 6-6 in AA play, over half their wins are against A teams. They are set in the seven spot according to the disclaimer at the bottom of the bracket i copied above.

8-11: Warriors, Matadors, Titans, Knights, and the Eagles are still ineligible.

The Eagles franchise is a disgrace to baseball at any level. They are compromising the whole playoff format and i feel bad for the few guys on that team who give a shit about baseball.

there could be an interesting match  up in the 7-10 seed game if its Militia vs. Matadors, but then that might be militia vs. Titans since the eagles folded.

there could also be a Bulldogs Oilers matchup in the 6-4 second round game.

The Maulers overtook Big Oil for the AA regular season title.

fucking cheaters.

what a mess.

anyway, it’d be great to beat the Hurricanes and the Sox on the way to the championship, which is what we will probably have to do.

The road to the semis is wide open and I like our pitching depth against anyone’s.

we can’t finish worse than the six seed.

The eagles are ineligible. Adam Smith appeared in 15 games for the Ducks last season pitching 47 innings (team high for innings pitched). for a team that went 16-8. this season the Eagles only played 15 games total thanks to forfeits and Smith missed at least four games, so that leaves 11 games or 77 innings (not counting ten-run rule games) which is 12 more than Adam played last season.

So, Adam left a top-three team to play approximately half an inning more per game over a stupid resentment against one of the most likable guys in the league, TC Jones. Great decision, enjoy not having to be embarrassed in the playoffs.

Really only five teams have a shot at it, so it’s kind of like the majors in that respect. It’s nice to be one of those five teams.