Makaveli and NABA Baseball

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball


The ducks have six players in the All Star Game.

Wednesday 8:30 at the Duck Pond.
We will wear green.

The Smiths ( A & S)
Kirk Gibson

Another reason Pete Rose is a chump:
He ended that Oakland catcher’s career in the 70 (I think) All Star game.
It’s an exhibition, no need to take out anyone here.


Machiavelli and NABA Baseball


I was doing some pondering tonight like I sometimes am known to do and I couldn’t help but think about Machiavelli and his debate on whether it is better to be feared or better to be loved. The NABA seems to follow the same sort of distinct juxtaposition between teams that are loved and teams that are feared and a case can be made as to whether a team should be feared or loved.

Here in a nut shell is what Machiavelli says:

“Upon this a question arises: whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person, is much safer to be feared than loved, when, of the two, either must be dispensed with……….for love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.”

So where do the teams of the NABA fall according to Machiavelli? I would venture to say that most would agree that the Owlz and the Blacksox fall under the feared category, whereas the Ducks and Bulldogs tend to fall under the loved category. The current records go to show that perhaps Machiavelli is correct.

But is being feared really all its cracked up to be? Sure it might give you the best shot of winning, and no doubt it gives you the psychological edge in a head to head matchup, but one point that Machiavelli grossly underestimates is the loyalty between players on teams that are loved and the lack there of on teams that are feared. For example, the custody battle over pitcher Warren between the Owlz and the Blacksox and how about the comments Fago made about his former skipper Mr. Cool.

In conclusion, I must disagree with Machiavelli when it comes to NABA baseball and say it is better to be loved than feared. Being feared might be the quick and easiest way to a title, but the loyalty of the players toward their loved teams trumps fear any day. Success might not come as quickly, but when it does it is nearly impossible to break a loved team apart.

Ducks For Life.

Game 19 Recap: Black Sox 1, Ducks 0.

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

This game is not going to get the time it deserves.
Chalfin dominated us.
We had guys in scoring position several times and we did not drive in runs, our best hitters did not come through, except Guthrie that is why he is Captain America.

He had our only hit, which if it didn’t deflect off the Black Sox SS, glove, (who did not look like he wanted to punch anyone today, although i didn’t get a good look at him for most of the night, as I was not on base) may have drove in the potential tying run, but kirk had to hold to make sure it wasn’t caught.
In the bottom of the seventh Captain hit one to the warning track in right center that would have fallen if Goldie wasn’t really a robot.

Fletcher allowed 1 unearned run.
I can not over state how important he has been to this team.
With Our best pitcher from last season, 2008 league strikeout leader, Nick Homa on the bench (with a hip injury he suffered banging the Hurricane’s female accuantences afterg a 2-0 one-hitter against the Fightin’ ‘Canes in the thrid game of the season)
Fletcher has been phenominal.
He fits our team well in that he locates and induces groundball which our infield then makes outs.
We turned 4 double plays in the game, I think including one on the Black Sox, SS, who is one of the fastest guys in the league.

Thanks for sending Fletcher our way Mr. Cool, more reason for the Black Sox to hate you.
Especially when we beat them in the playoffs.

Anyway. Kenny f-ing Powers scored the only run on a single by some dude who is probably in jail right now for robbing one of the liquor stores in the North Side after the game.

the ball beat him there, the throw one hopped our catcher and he couldn’t hold on.
Tough play. our left fielder is a homo with no arm, he’s got to get the throw there in the air.

Some rivalries are born out of hatred, like the Owlz Black Sox, I’d like to think the Ducks Black Sox is one that is now, at least, based more on mutual respect.
This game was nothing like last year’s playoff debacle that is for sure.

Both teams played hard.
Both teams left the field thinking they didn’t hit.
Chalfin and Fletcher both deserved to win.

I think Fletcher only allowed 5 hits to statistically the 2nd best hitting team in the league.
Feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments, guys.

It will take a complete collapse by the Black Sox, and the Ducks winning out for South Oakland to earn a bye.
Our magic number is 2 with the Connfederacy to Clinch the 3 spot.
Let’s finish strong.

Ryan Novak is my favorite baseball player.

We have to start hitting.

If we lose to the Gray Bats on Sunday I am quitting baseball.

“Quack” sign was huge, literally.

BP Wednesday. 6:30 pm at Pitt.

Better to struggle to score runs now than in the playoffs.


Gameday [19] Ducks take on Black Sox in Old School Monday Night Matchup:

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Cheese is MIA.

The Ducks have lost three straight to fall a game and a half behind the Black Sox for second place in the division.

1909 Cincinnati Reds

The Bad News is we have scored 4 runs in our last 3 games, we’ve seemed lethargic at times, we haven’t had that clucth performance out of anyone since Captain America wiped his ass with Sorosky’s guarantee and dominated the Gray Bats during a game that seemed like an eternity ago.
The good news is we have a game tonight, the first of two remaining against the team we must overtake to earn a first round bye.

Sports are humbling, and after a franchise best 12-3 start, we were in the driver’s seat, and we proceeded to lose 3 straight, two of those games were there for the taking.

Saturday night I had a brief conversation with the only other sober kid there, Pete Chalfin, he talked about the NABA League he played in in NY, then he called us a bunch of pussies and said he have 20 K’s tonight.

Just kidding – he never said that, not to my face anyway {quack}.

Anyway, he said basically the leagues were comparable, but what still lingers with me is how he said that the teams even had the same personalities to paraphrase he said,
There’s the ass holes, the team full of college kids, and the guys to take it too seriously, and the teams that suck and can’t get enough guys together.”

It got me thinking about the character of our team, collectively.
Not questioning it, or anyone’s effort or anything, but it’s been an odd year.
We have played great baseball at times, and at times we look like a joke.
It’s confusing.

In the narrative arc of things, this is clearly a turning point.
We will go along way to defining our team and our season tonight.
We’re playing .667 baseball, that’s good, only the Owlz and Black Sox have a higher winning percentage.

But I still get the feeling, a lot of teams think we’re overrated, basically because I do most of the “rating” as the guy who runs the most read blog in the league, and that we’ve lost some shitty games, well 2 or 3 anyway half our losses have come against the Owlz, who will finish the season with the best record in the league.
But after 18 games, you are who you are.
One terrible game on Saturday doesn’t erase the 12 wins.
Reports of the Ducks’ demise are greatly overrated.

There is a fine line between getting up for a game, and being too tense, and between being lose, and not-focused.

I don’t even know what that means, but it seems relevant.
Let’s just play baseball, baseball is fun.
Let’s have fun and play hard.
Right on the edge of dirty, that’s how I like to do things.

Rob Cool recruits guys from Allegheny County Community College.
Kenny recruits from Allegheny County Jail – and Penn State.
Goldie’s a beast.

I do know the Black Sox are a good team, that will not be without their starting center fielder and shortstop tonight, as they were in our first meeting.
I don’t think we had Dowling, Novak, Fletcher or Mars last time.
If we win we guarantee the edge in the head to head tie breaker.

Novak is back

We have six games left.
Only two of them are against teams with winning records – both Black Sox games. (although the Bulldogs might get their shit together by the time we play them in the finale)

The Black Sox have the Owlz twice which increases the possibility of a few Black Sox players violating parole and getting thrown in jail as a result of the melee that is sure to ensue during the double header in Imperial, they might have to forfeit another game while Randy scrambles to get bail paid.
they also play the new look Matadors and the Warriors, on paper they have a tougher schedule.
All we can do is play our game.

Randy is a shoe-in for the PGH NABA hall of fame Coaches Wing.

{Re-Cap of Saturday night’s party}
The Black Sox hate sleeves.
Kenny gets angry when Chalfin tells him of the offer he received from Rob Cool’s to pitch for Imperial

Kenny Powers: You lost to the Eagles?!
Ducks: We Beat you!


the cops showed up three times.
Solid, work Guth and KotH.


The Ducks, Black Sox rivalry is as old as Megan J. is hot.
The only bench clearing brawl in Ducks history was against that team.
They ruined our chane to repeat in ’04 after we forfeitted a playoff game, and had to play a game with 7 guys after a rain-out and rescheduling dominated our roster full of kids who worked nights. That was after we won game one of the 3 game semi-final 7-0 Kenny Powers pitched that game.
Their starting shortstop looks like he wants to punch me (or someone) in the face every time I see him. (to be fair I don’t see him that often).

A good indicator of the history here is that when Bob Faust, who played on the Ducks from ’05-’06 showed up for BP the other day, the first thing he asked was,
“Are the Black Sox still in the league?”
“Yeah,” I replied.
“Those fuckers,” he said.

Bob Faust had his arm broken in a Ducks Black Sox game in 2006.

The Black Sox talk a lot of shit.
They generally back it up, but I will quit playing baseball the day I let any 6’4″ 260lb. ex-con in a baseball uniform intimidate me.

Kenny Powers knows how important this game is to his squad.
There are Pitt. vs. PSU implications in this one with Chalfin throwing tonight.
Kenny, myself and Briton, and i think Slavonic are the original PGH NABA’ers playing in this game.
It’s hard for me to hate any of the guys who helped keep this thing running during the early days. It’s good that we have teams that are a bunch of ass holes on the field in our league, it makes things more interesting.

For that Kenny Powers is the man.

But tonight, is our night.

Kirk is going yard

Fletch is on the hill.


The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side are 7-1 (I think) at home.

We are the home team tonight.

The Black Sox namesake is a bunch of criminals.
We need the Big Boss Man tonight.
(check out that link)

Bad News for the Black Sox.


Thanks for reading.

Sorry Kenny and Peter


Hello Kenny Rayl (powers) and Pete Chalfin. Sorry for saying we are going to beat you and that I was going to take you yahtzee. Good luck on Monday, you guys are cool. Thanks to you and commish and others (Casale) for rocking out with us tonight.

Gameday [18]: Ducks vs Eagles.

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Ducks (12-5) vs. Eagles (4-10)

2pm, Gateway Middle School

Batting Practice: 11am Pitt
We will leave at 12:15

A lot of good baseball teams will lose to the Owlz this season, the Warriors hold the best regular season record in the league over the past five years a split is not what we would have liked, but we have to move on.

All-Star snub, Captain America is batting .397
It’s all politics.

A crucial two game stretch against division opponents is in front of us, starting with the Eagles tomorrow.
A 12-5 team with aspirations of making a deep run in the playoffs will beat a 4-10 team to stop the bleeding after losing two straight.

How the balls is this already the eighteenth game?

If we lose tomorrow we don’t deserve the two seed.

last gameday I went with reader requests for 1980’s Keifer Sutherland pics and Roadhouse youtubes.

they were dominated.

With a crappy band like the Eagles who made their living bastardizing rock n’ roll for yuppies.
There’s only one answer.

The Greatest Rock Star this city, maybe the planet, has ever seen.

Donnie Iris.

Bad News for the Eagles.


One More Night…

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA
This video will never get old.
When the season ends I will blog only about the second season of East Bound and Down.

I am looking forward to a viewing Saturday Night, while we hopefully celebrate our victory over the Electric Light Orchestra.

We’ve got the “Eagles” tomorrow – today is the longest day of the week.
Batting Practice today at Pitt at 6:30, then we all er…i guess i can’t avoid this –
“Take it Easy” tonight before the game.

Who is in favor of Practicing with the Bulldogs at John Herb Next week?

What days are good?

Leave a comment and click on an adsense banner.

Huge divisional game tomorrow,
2pm at Gateway Middle School in Monroeville.

Followed by “Soul” stice party at Guthrie’s.

Vote for Jesse Smith

All-Star Reserves Announced: Vote now for 25th man!