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BULLET POINTZ! out of no where…

  • I wouldn’t wish the insanity that I’ve had in my life over the last four months on the Rebels.
  • I got a kenny fucking powers t-shirt for christmas, which I’m basically going to wear as my jersey when we play the black sox. I’ll get a #4 screen printed on it.
  • i’m in grad school.
  • One day I will teach your kids English. This could make the ducks blog home of the most over qualified blogger in the pgh NABA.
  • That is until dr. venkman takes over on the bulldogs site, which i hear has been active and awesome as ever.
  • Depo is busy doing all kinds of crazy admin shit.
  • South Oakland will most likely win the championship this summer.
  • what happened to 2009?

happy holiday’s

you tube city:

Got me confused…

John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin is making the most interesting music of any former member at this point.

I’ll be blogging about the new season of east bound and down as a lead in to the 2010 season.
Time permitting.
anyone still checking the site?

quack, quack.