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I made an online store with a couple ducks shirts for sale. They are marked up $3 a piece, if anyone buys anything the profit will go into a paypal account and we’ll use it to pay umpires or I’ll give everyone back some money at the end of the year, maybe buy a bat.
If we only make like $6 I’ll give it to the league for next year.

Any additional apparel suggestions are welcome.
I’ll have more, better stuff up shortly, I’ll have shirts with the duck head logo up soon, I have to get one with more pixels or it will look like Mario Bros. 1, which, when I think about it might not be that bad.

Great gift ideas for family, life partners, and friends; buy them stuff and tell them to come to our games. Also, buy yourself a shirt and help promote the team.

I will have undershirts made for our uni’s from somewhere cheaper, which I’ll give to everyone at cost, probably $10 or so. They will be like our shirts from last year, but the right color yellow.

The season starts in a month.
TC is the coach so direct all your questions to him. Also, pay him.
League Prez., Joe won’t let us play if we don’t get our dues in on time.

The fund raiser at Town Tavern is tentatively scheduled for saturday 4/19. Its’ in the south side. Tell your friends, this will be a relatively economical night out, and we will raise more money. We still have to work out the details.





The new uniforms are taking longer than expected but they will still be available to us before our first game. I think Ben would agree that the uniforms these past couple of years havent exactly lived up to our high Duck standards so im hoping that these uniforms will meet everyones expectations (and if they dont, they are free so live with it!) Although I appreciated how the red uniforms made it look like I had more muscle than I actually did and how everybody thought we looked “so cute” in those easter yellow colored uniforms, thats not really the image the Ducks are looking for. Also, I think that the Ducks and their loyal flock need to come together for a celebratory 5th anniversary beer after one of many Duck wins this season. We should pay tribute to those loyal Ducks who are no longer with us to share in the joyous feeling of a Ducks renaissance season.

Also, just a quick sidenote…..if anyone on the Ducks lives near Club Julian on McKnight Road and would like a cheap membership to the gym, I have a membership discount that I can give you. It offers a $17 sign up fee when the normal sign up fee is around $200 so thats a pretty good deal. The deal lasts until March 31 so get back to me ASAP

South Oakland Ducks


The 2008 Pittsburgh NABA season brings with it the South Oakland Ducks’ 5th anniversary.
The inaugural NABA Champions, South Oakland is the last remaining original six team; the Warriors and Black Sox began the 2003 season as the Piranhas and Stampeders respectively.
TC Jones will take over for Ben Gwin as head coach this season.
The Ducks need pitchers. Historically, we have been among the league leaders in runs allowed and runs scored. Seriously, come pitch for us, we will provide run support the likes of which you’ve never seen.
If you want to play baseball this summer sign up
all skill levels are welcome

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