Mandatory Team Meeting


Ducks, Saturday March 6th 3PM at Ritters Diner in Bloomfield (On Baum near the Boston Market and the Taco Bell-which i think has been closed by the health dept.) We will have a mandatory team meeting for returning players.

Mandatory in that if you want your voice heard in team decisions as far as uni’s and other administrative front office type stuff you should attend.

closest thing to a picture of ducks having a meeting i could find

I’m doing my best to line things up for us to make a push for the title but i don’t want to run this team like a fascist regime, so please attend. it’s important.

Go America

If i haven’t heard from you about playing this summer by then i will assume you are running away to join the texas rangers or something.

Bring outstanding league dues. I need $100 from everyone by the 16th of march


Ironic Neil Young Sunday…Go USA

Depo’s a beast. I’m busy as fuck watching curling and reading books and parenting.
Check out THIS POST for info from the last league meeting.
I totally forgot about the online shit.

We’re gonna have some turnover this season as Ducks leave Pitt for greener pastures.
we will have some new faces:
Kirk’s brother, three kids from Jesse’s fall ball team, and a few friends of mine.
I’m not posting any firm roster news until guys are paid.

Were pretty much set for new players, but there is room for any returning Duck who wants to play.

Since everyone makes the playoffs, we look to split playing time as equally as possible while making sure we put guys in position to succeed and playing to our respective strengths. I, for instance, will not play shortstop or pitch, unless the Gray Bats reform and I’m dying to take the hill.
We’ve got depth.


I’m pumped to be behind the wheel again.
TC retires as the most successful Ducks coach in history, and has effectively turned our team back into a winner. I have a tough act to follow.

2010 Previews to appear over spring break in March.

league managers are welcome to send me anything they’d like posted about their squads so I can take it out of context and turn it into bulletin board material.



I am considering moving to Denmark and becoming a groupie for the woman’s curling team.
What a fascinating sport.

Here’s what i’m talking about with the hats, except in green and yellow where this o’s hat is black and orange and with our logo.

that would be sick.

Let me know if you’re playing by the 28th or i will assume you’re not.

100 bucks total by 3/13
my address is at the end of the last post.

white pants this season.

Go America


Ducks Deadlines and Uniform Stuff


I need to know by March 1st if you are going to play this summer.

If I don’t hear from you by the end of the month I will assume you aren’t playing.
everyone is of course welcome back.

Uniform update.

Were going with white pants this summer.
It will be better.
We have the option of new hats as well if you want to spend the extra $15. I’ll have a design up soon that will be sick.
They will be just like the old Orioles hats.

We need everyone who plans on donning green and gold and white this summer to get a total of $100 in by March 13th.
Some of you have already paid $50.

Send checks to

Ducks Baseball C/O Ben Gwin
421 Florence Ave. #2
Avalon, PA

no cash in the mail, i have too many hippies living in my neighborhood who would take it and spend it on PCP.

Jack White hates hippies


Valententines Day


The Commish has stated that realignment will only occur if the league has enough teams to support the move.

The Black Sox are going to be tough, they enter the season as my preseason favorite.
no offense to the defending champs…I’m sure they’ve upgraded, but Kenny Powers has that look in his eye like he knows something we don’t.

that look


Ducks, Send checks made out to Pittsburgh NABA to:

Ducks Baseball C/O Ben Gwin
421 Florence Ave #2
Avalon PA

$50 by yesterday, and $50 more by March 13th
Checks only, no cash, unless you see me in person.

Looks like we’re going back to the Duck Pond again in 2010.
We can use help raising funds and soliciting sponsors and items to raffle at this years 2nd Annual Golf Classic.


02/13/2010 Managers Meeting


Notes from the managers meeting.

  • There will be definitely 12 teams in the league this year; possibly 19; realistically 14.
  • That is the email address to contact both Joe and myself with any questions, concerns, or announcements related to scheduling and fields
  • League fees for each team are $1300 + umpires + field permit. Umpires fees are $1300 for the season, so the total amount for each team is $2600 + your field permit.

Notes for the Ducks.

  • No checks less than $75. Checks made out to Pittsburgh NABA sent to Ben’s address below.
  • The Ducks are looking into opening a non-profit bank account. Anybody with any information for me that will help me with this let me know. Les, Guth? Did you guys do this for PCB. If so let me know.
  • Pitt NABA Registration. DUCKS PLAYERS! Click on that link and print out the document. Fill it out and send it with your checks to Ben. If you have already sent your deposit to Ben then don’t worry about it, we will have you fill it out at the first practice.

Any questions let Ben or myself know. I am pumped about this season. Can’t wait to get back on the field and of course the infamous Ducks house partys. Going to start practice as soon as this snow is gone. Until then stay in shape and stay safe.

StormArmageddon!!! 2010

Breaking News

I’m coaching this season.
And we are going to win the championship.
No bullshit.

Roster Updates and shit will be reflected in the blog as the money comes in and the contracts are signed.

Jones and Depot are deputized assistant coaches.

help with admin stuff is greatly appreciated.

I hope we have a field already.


My first priority is to find a new coach for next season.
I’m out of my mind, clearly.

Send me your money.

Ducks Baseball c/o Ben Gwin
421 Florence Ave. #2
Avalon, PA 15202


Snowpocalypse Now!

Perennial All-Star and League MVP candidate, FLO, was on fire in the discussion thread on the bulldogs blog.

solid arguments, much more civilized than the ones in the Black Sox dugout.

If there is a split, two divisions would probably be enough.
The important thing is anyone who wants to play can do so and have a good experience. I like potential for Hoosiers-esque upsets I guess. A and AA, 24 games 4 and 12 (6Wales, 6 Patrick) teams in each division. top two in A play a 3 game series for a playoff spot.
Division winners in AA are seeded 1 and 2 and the next five teams make the playoffs.
7AA and one A team in an 8 team bracket.

the 4A teams play each other 3 times, and each AA team once.

Whomever follows Graff into the Comissioner’s seat in a year or two is going to have a tough act to follow. Nothing but class and work ethic. I don’t always agree with him but until I win the lottery and can do nothing but devote my time to NABA baseball writing year-round, I will not be able to do his job.

He is also making it snow right now to thwart Larry in his attempts to jog, just like he forced rain outs last season to spite the Gray Bats.

Joe and Larry battle it out over the weather

Ducks, Quit being gay and get your money to TC.

Seriously, send him a check or your foodstamp card or something.
first deposit is due in a week, I think.

I went sledding Tuesday night. It was awesome.