Snowpocalypse Now!

Perennial All-Star and League MVP candidate, FLO, was on fire in the discussion thread on the bulldogs blog.

solid arguments, much more civilized than the ones in the Black Sox dugout.

If there is a split, two divisions would probably be enough.
The important thing is anyone who wants to play can do so and have a good experience. I like potential for Hoosiers-esque upsets I guess. A and AA, 24 games 4 and 12 (6Wales, 6 Patrick) teams in each division. top two in A play a 3 game series for a playoff spot.
Division winners in AA are seeded 1 and 2 and the next five teams make the playoffs.
7AA and one A team in an 8 team bracket.

the 4A teams play each other 3 times, and each AA team once.

Whomever follows Graff into the Comissioner’s seat in a year or two is going to have a tough act to follow. Nothing but class and work ethic. I don’t always agree with him but until I win the lottery and can do nothing but devote my time to NABA baseball writing year-round, I will not be able to do his job.

He is also making it snow right now to thwart Larry in his attempts to jog, just like he forced rain outs last season to spite the Gray Bats.

Joe and Larry battle it out over the weather

Ducks, Quit being gay and get your money to TC.

Seriously, send him a check or your foodstamp card or something.
first deposit is due in a week, I think.

I went sledding Tuesday night. It was awesome.


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