Ducks History

Welcome to the Internet home of the 2003 & 2010 Pittsburgh NABA Champions.

The South Oakland Ducks Baseball Club was formed by three friends after an advertisement in search of teams and players for a soon to be formed amateur baseball league was found on the floor of a South Oakland apartment in January of 2003.

In April of 2003 fifteen or so Pitt students with modest baseball playing experience-mostly American Legion and high school ball, along with some players who only knew of the game through film and video games, joined the newly formed Pittsburgh NABA. The Ducks went on to win the inaugural league championship against the Maulers.

After being eliminated from the playoffs by their long-time rival the Brookline Black Sox in ’08 and ’09, South Oakland defeated Brookline in the 2010 championship series.

South Oakland lost to Elliot in the 2011 championship, and the following offseason Ken Cool’s brother left the team along with several starters to form the Clinton Cherokee.

It looked like the Ducks would fold, but the team rallied, absorbed the Hurricanes at the pre-season roster deadline, and finished fourth after once again losing to Elliot in the post-season.

Ben Gwin managed the team from 2003-2007 and again in 2010 and 2011. Gwin returned as manager in 2014 and is currently running the team.

James Fago managed the team in 2012. Prior to the 2013 season, TJ Morgan took over as head coach with Mark Guthrie serving as GM.

TC Jones, the Ducks’ winningest manager (27-17-2), ran the team in ’08 and ’09 and led the Ducks back into relevancy.

The Ducks all-time regular season record is 165-143-4. South Oakland’s postseason record is 19-12 including ten playoff appearances and two league titles.

Ducks records from ’03-’05 have been approximated. Additionally, any clarity on the years 2003-2005 is welcome.

Since the Ducks formed in 2003, the Pirahhnas, Stampeders, Rangers, Insulright, Yankees, Owlz, Maulers, Knights, Matadors, Hurricanes, Orioles, Bombers, Colonials, Pythons, Phantoms, Arthropods, Rakers, Gray Bats, Sharks, Militia, Titans, Pirates and Rebels have either changed names, merged or disbanded.

The Ducks are the longest-running franchise in the Pittsburgh NABA. This is our blog. Thanks for reading.



One thought on “Ducks History

  1. Um, not really a whole lot about Garrett Moore in here. This some serious socialist revisionist history here. I mean. Bench coach under three different managers? Catcher, Infield, Outfield, DH, EH, Traveling Secretary, DJ, Living Legend, Greeter and Bullpen Catcher/non-pitching Bullpen Executive? You call this a website? Dot net, yeah, sounds like a dot net.


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