Fall Ball Recap Week #2


After putting up 13 runs against the Royal Has-Beens last week and winning easily, the Red Tide had to squeak out a close one at Avonworth on September 19. The first inning and a half took what seemed like an hour to complete. Both teams came out scoring runs and a plethora of walks and errors contributed to the length of the game. Highlight of the game was in the bottom of the ninth when Della Pena completed his complete game win by striking out the last two batters with runners in scoring position. Final score 9-8 Red Tide.

Red Tide Press Room:

  • The Red Tide will miss Crafty Veteran David Wallis. The Red Tide will play the rest of the season with this patch on their jersey.
  • Do not urban dictionary crafty veteran. I made that mistake only once.
  • Rumors have surfaced that the upper brass of the Red Tide have managed to acquire one or two top notch pitchers to help the cause throughout the ’09 campaign.
  • I was able to snag an impromptu photo of our pitching staff the other day.
Why does it look like Greg Maddux was photoshopped into this picture?

  • Week 3 games were postponed because of rain and have been rescheduled to the end of the season. Check the Pittsburgh NABA website for more details.

Ducks around the league:
None of the teams posted recaps so I have no idea what happened to the other teams, but heres some scores and standings.

Green Machine 8 – Columbia Blue Jackets 11
Orange Crush 9 – Royal Has-Beens 4

Red Tide 2 0
Gold Nuggets 1 1
Orange Crush 1 1
Green Machine 1 1
Columbia Blue Jackets 1 1
Royal Has-Beens 0 2


Season Recap

South Oakland Ducks Baseball
This is going to be youtube and photoshop-less.

We’ll start with the big picture:

Once again Commish was unable to rig the league well enough to have the Bulldogs win a championship.
Try as he might.
I love you, Joe.

The story of the season is the Owlz not winning the title, Cool and the gang lost to the Brookline Bullies in the Conference Semis.
Then the Hurricanes stepped in and beat Brookline.
Kenny Powers is still thinking about it I’m sure.
I know I would be.

Now more than ever teams win more based on who they can recruit than anything else.
The off season is a big deal.

I predicted there would be a bench clearing brawl this year, and we (as a league) were close a few times.
the umpires repeatedly lost control of games.
I think the only team that is satisfied with the umpires in the Hurricanes.

The Blues put our league on the map in AC (Scoscia is a beast), and then the four teams who played in Butler almost took it back off. see the bulldogs blog for the run-down.

I am one of few guys who can say they have played on a team with Rob Cool and on a team with Kenny Powers.
they are both honored i’m sure. quack.

me and alex warren and Rob Swanger and a couple other guys.
The Sox could have used Warren in the playoffs, he’s a workhorse and a competitor.
he’s also level-headed.

There is talk of radical realignment.
rookie, A, and AA.

I’m an anti-gambling baseball purist, and would rather have a just rookie league, then split up the rest of the teams into Wales and Campbell, and then have all but the 3 or 4 worst teams in the league make the playoffs.
However Joe proposes it, the new alignment will be voted on and we will make a decision collectively that we will all bitch about later.

He likes brackets and the tourney he has drafted will be great fun.
Come up with your own ideas to present to him at the winter meetings if you think you can do better.

The Ducks may split, we may not. We may play in the top division, we may stay down since we don’t have any college players on our roster and are eligable as we are currently constructed to dominate the A division before we make the jump in 2011.

I stand behind whatever decision our coach makes.

This is a crucial off season, as Dr. Jones and I are old and have to find real jobs and all that other real life bullshit that hits when you get past 25 and still don’t have a career or any real structure in your life.

We need two or three guys to do the uniform work, find a sponsor or two, and get us a field.
someone talk to the city about getting Mellon Park which is getting lights installed.

I am absolutely done doing extra shit. Sorry, I don’t have time anymore. I am sad.
I won’t be able to maintain the blog as consistently as i have and certainly don’t have time to run around the city taking care of all the minutia i have for the past 7 seasons.
I put myself in this position because I’m too neurotic to trust others to do it, so I’m accountable, but whatever.
I’ll still play next year if coach needs me.

The blog was absolutely ridiculous this season, and I took some liberties that maybe I shouldn’t have, but mostly people need to lighten up.
If you don’t want the Ducks to have the loudest voice in the league start your own blog, homos.
or at least leave nasty anonymous comments.
Overall it was great fun, and Larry is a crybaby who sucks.

Coby has been in touch with Al Gore about getting the internet and will have his thoughts sometime in October. Skip will post some individual awards in the next week or so, so I won’t mention any individual accolades, of which there were many.
ok just one, and that was Squints’ uniform heist.
#7 is a beast.

2009 South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (16-8, 3rd in Wales Conference, 4th overall) Season in Review.

Our season ended unceremoniously, with a crushing 10 inning defeat at the hands of the hated black sox. While I’m not one for moral victories, to call the season a failure is too simple.
This was the best Ducks team I’ve ever play on, and in any other season we would have probably been one of the last two teams standing.
We did it all without a true ace ( i think we were the only team in the top 3 or 4 in the league who could not boast a “Guy Who Throws 90”), or a natural center fielder or lead-off hitter.

It should be a point of pride among all of us that we were a tough team to play against this season. We never showed up at the park not having a chance to win (except the mother’s day massacre).
No one saw South Oakland on the schedule and set their rotation so we’d get their third guy who only pitched once in little league.

We straight out-classed the Gray Bats on all levels.
We defeated the league champion Fightin’s 2-0.
Only two teams posted better than a .500 record against us this year: The Owlz and Black Sox – the tow best teams in the regular season record wise.

My only team regrets are not giving the owlz a better game, even when we had our starters, and the Eagles game.
that shit will happen over a 24 game season.
shit like only beating the bulldogs by one run twice, our most unconvincing season sweep.
It also sucks a few guys bailed on us who had been contributing.
We won two of every three games we played.
We were five and oooooooh.
Then 12-3 before wrapping up the 3 seed and ducking around down the stretch.

We played inspired baseball in the post season beating the Gray Bats for the 4th time in 2009, before we came up 1 run short against the Sox in probably the most exciting game any team played during the 2009 season. Extras in the playoffs, can’t beat that shit.
Fucking Black Sox.

We represented the league well in Erie, but not so much in Butler. What a shit show.
let’s never talk about that again.
fuck that whole junkie infested town.
(note, the teams we played in the tourney were gracious in victory, and most likely don’t live in Butler, except for that one guy in the dugout who kept nodding-out and itching himself and drooling all over the place.)

Going in to 2010 we have 10 roster spots open, half our pitching staff, and a bunch of guys are moving away or maybe won’t be back. There is a lot up in the air.

Luckily, Ducks fly together.

Bad News since 2003.


Ducks Fall Ball Update


The Ducks have split momentarily during the fall to align with new teams during the leagues fall season. I’ll be making a post each week pointing out the highlights for Duck’s players during the fall campaign. Here’s who’s playing for who:

Orange Crush: Mark Guthrie

Green Machine: Jesse Smith(coach)

Red Tide: Anthony Casale and Dustin Iser

That’s all as far as I know. Let me know if there are any mistakes.

Week 1 highlights:

Red Tide over Royal Has-Beens 13-3.

Green Machine over Orange Crush 7-3.

  • Captain America started the game and struck out three through five-innings in a strong showing. He also added two walks in his trips to the plate.

Current Standings:
Red Tide 1-0
Gold Nuggets 1-0
Green Machine 1-0
Orange Crush 0-1
Royal Has-Beens 0-1
Columbia Blue Jackets 0-1

Are stats going to be posted on the NABA website? I’d like to be able to get stats from the games.

The Steelers Suck


Alright, four disclaimers.

  1. I do not agree with number 5 on this list. I happen to love the city of Pittsburgh.
  2. This link is hosted by an Eagles blog. I am not an Eagles fan. I hate all teams from that wretched city.
  3. I, in fact, hate the NFL entirely. I especially hate the Steelers because they are shoved down my throat everyday.
  4. I am pretty drunk right now. If this offends you, please don’t hold it against me.

Five Reasons why the Steelers suck.

Why I hate the NFL

  • Overtime: If the Titans win the coin toss in overtime against the Squeelers the Titans could have won that game, but we will never know. The NCAA’s overtime rules are far superior to that of the National Fucktard League. Here’s an idea, lets see what happens if each team wins the coin toss.
  • Playoff System: Everybody complains about the BCS, but college fans do not know how good they have it. People say they want to see the best team win and want to see a playoff system for the NCAA in the same sentence. What those people don’t realize is the two are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. The best team in the NFL rarely wins the Super Bowl. The best team usually gets beat by some inferior team by some stroke of luck. Do you really think the Giants were the best team in the NFL in 2007? If you do then you probably can’t read and nobody cares about you.

Then there is the fact that the regular season doesn’t even matter in the NFL. The Titans lost their season opener. They could still barely finish over .500 limp into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl because thats just the way shit works. In the meantime Titan’s fans are watching a shitty team play shitty games and the Titan’s Collesium (or whatever the fuck it is called nowadays) has more empty seats than a Penn State basketball game. Then all of a sudden the playoffs come and everybody is given a second chance. Not so in college. Case in point, look at Oklahoma this year. They lost their season opener. They need a hope and a prayer to win the National Championship this year. Every game in college football is as important as the one before, the one after, and as important as the last game of the season. Even if you aren’t playing for the National Championship. There are no second chances.
I’ve had people tell me the only reason why the bowl system is around today is because it makes the NCAA money. Well no shit sherlock! Do you know why it makes the NCAA money? Because every college football fan lives for the chance to march into a warmer climate every December/January, get drunk, and cheer on your team one last time for the year. It’s what we live for. I went to the Sun Bowl last year. Sure it was a lousy game, but that is still the best vacation of my life.

I know there are more reasons why the NFL sucks and why college football is the best thing since roadhead but I’m about to pass out. I’ll argue about everything else in the comments thread.



During this off season the Duck’s are going to be heading towards some major changes. First, Ben will be resigning as equipment manager (pretty much the person who orders and distributes the uniforms and hats). Anyone interested in this position please contact me or Ben ASAP.

Secondly, I am seriously thinking about splitting the Ducks up into two teams. If it looks like we are going to have more than 15 guys interested in playing for the Ducks there will undoubtedly be a split. It is just too difficult for me to get guys, including myself, sufficient playing time with more than 15 guys. I’m not exactly how this split will be made or who will play on which team, but i guess that will all work itself out.

If someone is willing to be the other manager in the split please let me know that you are interested.

Let me reiterate, this split is not guaranteed. It will only happen if we have more than 15 guys interested in being a Duck next year.

labor day bbq


Labor Day BBQ at my place. Same deal as last time.

My Place.

My place is actually on Milligan Way, but it is called Buzzard Way on Google maps. When you turn onto Milligan Way, bear to the right and go to the bottom of the hill. You will come out into a clearing with three buildings, mine is the one on the right. From the front of the building you can buzz the door or just yell at me on my patio.

SSC recap: Butler County is the Heroin Capital of Western PA. Saxonburg 4, Ducks 1

NABA, pittsburgh NABA
A two out, two-two run error in the bottom of the first, and another in the 4th gave Saxonburg a 4-0 lead.

the Ducks scored their lone run in the top of the 5th on Darren Daulton’s bases loaded walk,.

that was the Ducks best chance to rally, as they had the bases loaded with one out, and chased Saxonburg’s starter.

their relief pitcher retired two consecutive batters to end the threat.

the Ducks had runners on 1st and 3rd in the top of the seventh, but had a runner picked off, and the next batter grounded out.

Adam Oliver was 1 for 1 with a walk.

Necheff pitched 7 strong innings, and we wasted a good outing.

I think we out-hit them 5 to 4.

Three Ducks starters were delayed by rush hour traffic and an accident on 79 and didn’t arrive until the top of the 2nd.

6pm games are a joke.

We need to play much better tomorrow, we made that guy look like Sandy Koufax.

The Ducks play the losers bracket game tomorrow at 12:30pm Saturday at highfield one.
directions are linked on the previous post.

If we win we play again at 3:30.

if we lose the season is over.

we have to run the table

Bad news for opponent tbd.