Ducks Fall Ball Update


The Ducks have split momentarily during the fall to align with new teams during the leagues fall season. I’ll be making a post each week pointing out the highlights for Duck’s players during the fall campaign. Here’s who’s playing for who:

Orange Crush: Mark Guthrie

Green Machine: Jesse Smith(coach)

Red Tide: Anthony Casale and Dustin Iser

That’s all as far as I know. Let me know if there are any mistakes.

Week 1 highlights:

Red Tide over Royal Has-Beens 13-3.

Green Machine over Orange Crush 7-3.

  • Captain America started the game and struck out three through five-innings in a strong showing. He also added two walks in his trips to the plate.

Current Standings:
Red Tide 1-0
Gold Nuggets 1-0
Green Machine 1-0
Orange Crush 0-1
Royal Has-Beens 0-1
Columbia Blue Jackets 0-1

Are stats going to be posted on the NABA website? I’d like to be able to get stats from the games.

5 thoughts on “Ducks Fall Ball Update

  1. well the golden nuggets are the yellow team, so they are technically the ghostbusters.the defending fall ball champion gray bats were split up to make it fair for the rest of the league.FYI – the undefeated Red Tide are possibly in need of another starting pitcher. let me know if anyone is available or wants to make a trade.


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