Carrick, Brookline Tie. Ducks 1/2 game out of 8th

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Big time game against Carrick this weekend.

A win will put us in 8th place.

We’re trying to get the location changed but as of now we’re still on for Sunday 2pm at Beedle.

the Sox (4-10-1) and Express (6-10-1) tying 8-8 on Monday was pretty much the best outcome for us. Wow.

The Militia (5-9 )still have a bunch of games at hand, but I think we’d hop them too with a win due to tie-breakers and such.

Pour House  (7-8) has a tough schedule coming up and could conceivably drop a few.

Sweeping the Bulldogs last weekend was huge, those were games we weren’t supposed to win.

If the West End coach doesn’t contact us about rescheduling our game from earlier in the year, we get a forfeit win. Maybe he’ll read this and contact Guth or TJ.

If we can take 4 of our last 6, we’ll get in (or 5 of  7 pending the West End reschedule).

And with one game a week the rest of the way and the re-emergence of Guthrie as a reliable starter, we have the pitching to do it.

One game at a time, etc.

We just need our players to show up and play hard and we have a legit shot.

Playoff races are fun. It’s great to be playing meaningful games down the stretch, even if we’re five games under .500.  I think it’s going to come down to the wire, with four or five teams jostling between the 5-8 spots.



Ducks Sweep Bulldogs: 7-5, 10-1

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, Ducks win, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Ducks Pitcher, Mark Guthrie, earned his first victory of the season Saturday going five and a third strong innings, before giving way to James Fago to recorded the 1 and 2/3 inning save.

Matt Johnston had 4 hits to lead the resurgent Ducks’ offense. Stahl and Skovron both hit doubles and had multi-hit games, and there were a lot of singles and walks. Goering drove in a run. 8 Ducks starters recorded hits, and everyone in the lineup reached safely at least once. I wish I could offer more specifics, but i don’t have the book and I was half asleep during the game. We got out to an early lead and held on. The Bulldogs had the winning run at the plate in the bottom of the 7th.

James Fago pitched a complete game for the victory in game 2. South Oakland scored 2 in the top of the first. The Bulldogs answered with a run in the bottom half of the inning. The score remained 2-1 until the top of the fifth or sixth, when South Oakland scored six runs. Skovron and Fago walked, Gwin singled to load the bases and Matt Limbach doubled to make the score 4-1. Then Guthrie, Fetter and Goering singled in succession. Garret Moore drove in a run with an rbi ground out. Fago doubled in the top of the seventh and scored on an rbi ground out by Limbach.

The Bulldogs were 10-2 coming into the double header. With the victories, South Oakland raised it’s record to 6-11, and is a half game behind  Monroeville (5-9) and Carrick (6-10) who sit in 8th and 7th place respectively.

After a 1-9 start, the Ducks have won 5 of  7.

quack, quack.

I got an old shirt in the car you can use…

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland jumped out to a 3-0 lead last Sunday against Jefferson Hills, but ran out of pitching. The Ducks fell behind for good after Day Toyota scored 7 in the top of the third and went on to lose 14-3.

Beedle Park is far away.

Big time double header against the second place Bulldogs this Saturday.

Standings as of Wed 6/12:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.17.02 PM

Two games separate the sixth and tenth seed right now.

We can definitely sneak in.

 It’s the top 4, a Cranberry team that will lose by ten in the playoffs, and then everyone else.

Lots of underachieving teams.

We have the tie breaker over Brookline and Monroville.

West End might not win in Single A, but having said that, they’ll ten-run us in two weeks.

Friday is buy a Bulldog an eight-ball and a hooker night!

Hopefully we have our infielders this Saturday or it could be a long afternoon.


Standings, Playoff Push, etc

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland has a tough 3-game stretch coming up in which we play the artists formerly known as Day Toyota, and then a double header against the Bulldogs at John Herb the following weekend.

Standings as of 6/3:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.59.21 PM

Upcoming games:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.04.48 PM

(click to enlarge or just go to the league site.)

There is some serious separation going on here between the haves and have-nots.

It’s going to be a shit show at the bottom of the bracket. Conceivably we could see the militia, Carrick and pour house drop a few games coming up.

right now, Elliot, Clinton, the Bulldogs and Ashley Shaffer are battling for position in the top four and then it’s everyone else.

Elliot is good.

Cranberry sucks.

that’s my expert analysis.

Unfortunately our team is constructed as such that we can lose 15-1 to teams that suck because we lack pitching depth and infield depth, and sometimes our players don’t show up.

The winable  games we dropped to Carrick, Pour House and Cranberry and the forfeit to the Militia really hurt right now, but at least we’re finally putting up runs and winning games.

We have to steal a couple against teams that are above us in the standings, which is almost everyone.

We might be able to jump in the standings before we play this sunday.

We need all hands on deck Sunday. Jefferson Davis Hills is good. If we have to throw out a patchwork lineup with random single A players we will get embarrassed.

We can give them a game if everyone shows up.

This is most likely the last season of the Ducks as a Double A team, we at least need to make the playoffs and give it one final run.


Ducks win 2 of 3 over the weekend.

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, Ducks win

South Oakland split saturday’s double header with cranberry taking the first game 6-5 in 8 innings, and losing a nail biter in game two after we ran out of pitching and infielders.

On Sunday the Ducks defeated the militia 14-8. The game was close through three and then the Ducks started hitting doubles and getting hit by pitches.

The Ducks have won three of their last four games. James Fago pitched two complete games over that span, and recorded the save in Saturday’s win over Cranberry.

With ten games remaining, South Oakland (4-10)  is one game behind Carrick (4-8) for the last playoff spot.

The Ducks play next vs Jefferson Hills Sunday, 5pm at Beedle Park.