Carrick, Brookline Tie. Ducks 1/2 game out of 8th

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Big time game against Carrick this weekend.

A win will put us in 8th place.

We’re trying to get the location changed but as of now we’re still on for Sunday 2pm at Beedle.

the Sox (4-10-1) and Express (6-10-1) tying 8-8 on Monday was pretty much the best outcome for us. Wow.

The Militia (5-9 )still have a bunch of games at hand, but I think we’d hop them too with a win due to tie-breakers and such.

Pour House  (7-8) has a tough schedule coming up and could conceivably drop a few.

Sweeping the Bulldogs last weekend was huge, those were games we weren’t supposed to win.

If the West End coach doesn’t contact us about rescheduling our game from earlier in the year, we get a forfeit win. Maybe he’ll read this and contact Guth or TJ.

If we can take 4 of our last 6, we’ll get in (or 5 of  7 pending the West End reschedule).

And with one game a week the rest of the way and the re-emergence of Guthrie as a reliable starter, we have the pitching to do it.

One game at a time, etc.

We just need our players to show up and play hard and we have a legit shot.

Playoff races are fun. It’s great to be playing meaningful games down the stretch, even if we’re five games under .500.  I think it’s going to come down to the wire, with four or five teams jostling between the 5-8 spots.


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