Orange Crush edge Ghostbusters 3-2.

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Christian Necheff (sp.) pitched a complete game for the Orange Crush, allowing two unearned runs over seven innings, striking out upwards of 8 Ghostbusters to earn the win for the O.C.

(Orange Crush Team Photo)

Ghostbusters starter Alex Schwartz was the tough luck loser, allowing two runs, none earned, in three innings of work.

Tony Casale hit a two out triple in the first inning, but was stranded on third, when Vinny Gala hit a line drive right at someone– the Ghostbusters M.O. for the first four games of the fall ball season.

In the bottom of the first, the Crush had runners on first and second with one out when a potential inning ending double play ball turned into a two run error.

The Ghostbusters had the bases loaded in the bottom of the second but Necheff got the RingMaster strikeout and worked out of the jam when Ben Gwin Grounded out to O.C. second baseman, Joe Graff to end the inning.

Joe Graff, second baseman for the Blues, Bulldogs, and now the Crush, had an uncharacteristically rough game in the field. His mind was clearly somewhere else. perhaps still thinking about how torturous it was to have to play against life partner BJ Rankin in the first game of the double header.

The Ghostbusters defense kept them in the game, turning four double plays. Adam Smith pitched two scoreless innings for the Ghostbusters. In the bottom of the fifth Joe Graff tried to steal third base, Ghostbusters catcher, Garrett Moore, had other ideas.

Graff was thrown out at third, for the second out of a 1-2-5 double play. Strike ’em out throw ’em out. This was Garret Moore’s best inning as a catcher.
Joe was more distraught then when he heard BJ was getting married, to a woman no less.

No photoshop needed. They are a deadly double play combo.

The Crush would add another unearned run in the sixth, off relief pitcher Mark Kuhns.
Trialling 3-0 in the bottom of the seventh the Ghostbusters rallied. With one out; Vinny Gala and Eric P. singled, then Shwartz walked to load the bases. Ron Kuhns drove in a run with an RBI force out, and Mark Kuhns followed with a single.

The stage was set

The Ringmaster, who entered the game with an .800 average, came to bat with tw outs and runners on second and third, trailing 3-2, but Necheff finished the game with a strike out, and the Ghostbusters fell to 1-3 with the loss.

  • Dr. Dan “Venkman” Morgan will get the start this Saturday against the Gray Bats.
  • I’ve never been on a team that hit so many triples (3; Gala, Lee/Winston, and Casale) turned so many double plays, and still had a 1-3 record.
  • The Ghostbusters (1-4) have lost two games by one run.
  • These things have a way of leveling out, the pendulum will swing the Ghostbusters way again.
  • I’m 1-for-the fall, this must change. I looked at my spring stats to remind myself I can hit and drive in runs. Here are the Ducks 2008: Stats
  • Our middle infield is the best the fall league has seen this year.
  • South Oakland Duck Adam Smith is pitching as well as I’ve seen him pitch in a while.
  • Vinny is the best all-around first basemen in the Pittsburgh NABA.
  • The atmosphere has been great so far.
  • Watch out for the Ducks this spring…Team of Destiny ’09.


Highest Form of Flattery: Crush guarantee victory over Ghostbusters

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

First, the game is at 11:30am not 9am, this Saturday at Pie Traynor

Naturally, the South Oakland Ducks Blog has spawned two off-shoots fall ball blogs, here is the second fall ball blog that has appeared in the wake of the Ducksblog: Orange Crush Blog

Since I have linked it here, it may actually get read. The writing is better than this site (actual journalism vs. the ramblings of a young man with a fiction writing degree), but it lacks video clips.

Now we have a photoshop war on our hands.
I am not very good at photoshop

It’s kind of better that way
(Sunglasses and eye black, Strom?)
Anyway, the Crush have guaranteed victory this weekend, inviting spectators to “witness perfection”

Only God is perfect
The Ghostbusters learned that lesson in the 80’s

Adalino and his league leading .833 Average will dominate the Crush this weekend
He is currently waiting for a sign…


Ghostbusters Split

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I had the third and fourth overall picks in the fall ball draft, with those two selections I chose Dan Morgan and BJ Rankin. In the name of competitive balance Rankin was moved to the Gray bats without playing a game for the Ghostbusters.

On Saturday Rankin demolished his former team, pitching four scoreless innings and hitting a two run triple to lead the Bats to a 5-4 victory over the Avalon Ghostbusters of the North Hills.

Here is the recap from Gray Bats coach, Larry.

Rankin did not earn the win, as Avalon erased a 3-0 Bats lead, on the strength of strong pitching from Adam Smith, and a clutch RBI triple from Eric “Winston” Lee.

Clutch mid season acquisition

Avalon led 4-3 after six, but the Gray Bats blindly screetched their way to an unearned run in the top of the seventh, and added another on a semi-routine “haunted” flyball which eluded the Ghostbusters outfielders.

Alex Warren retired the Ghostbusters in order in the bottom of the seventh on three hard hit ground ball outs.

It was a tough loss; Vinny Gala’s day at the plate was symbolic of the Avalon effort, knocking the cover off the ball in three at bats only to wind up 0-for-3 with three line outs to the Bats left fielder.


The Ghostbusters won their first game in dramatic fashion, erasing deficits of 3-0 and 4-2 on the way to defeating the Orange Crush 9-5.

Game two of the double header featured Ducks starter Mark “Captain America” Guthrie, on the hill for the Orange Crush, and Dr. Dan “Venkman” Morgan of the Ghostbusters.

Guthrie started the game off the bottom of the first with a strike out of Ducks’ infielder Les Gies.

Guthrie had the Ducks number in game two, Ben Gwin was 0 for 3 against Guthrie, and Eric Lee was 1-3.

Crush third baseman, Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, hit a hanging curve ball by Morgan down the left field line for a two run double to put the Crush ahead 3-0.

Avalon continued to hit the ball right at the opposition.

Morgan turned in a courageous performance allowing two earned runs over four innings, despite a hamstring problem that almost forced an early exit.
“I can go one more” he said after pulling up lame in the third, and he proceeded to pitch a scoreless fourth inning, retiring the Crush in order.

Trailing 4-2 in the bottom of the sixth, Avalon loaded the bases with one out, and tied the game on a busted double play.

Then the Ghostbusters scored on back to back squeeze bunts, the first with Eric Lee on third and Mike Watson at the plate, which scored two runs after a throwing error.

Watson reached third and Guthrie was pulled for Brian Strom. On the second pitch Watson broke for the plate and Tony laid down a perfect bunt, the run scored and Tony beat the throw to first.

The Ghostbusters added another insurance run on Adalino’s third hit of the day.

Adalino describes his thoughts after going 5 for 6 with four RBI in the Ghostbusters double header

No joke.

Mark Kuhns (1-0) was the pitcher of record for the Ghostbusters earning the win on the mound after allowing one run in two innings. The run came in the top of the fifth when Stay Puft ined a single to center.

Mark’s son Ron recorded the save. Ron Kuhns worked out of a bases loaded no outs jam in the bottom of the seventh. Blues’ left fielder Brian Strom lead off the inning with a single to left, followed by three straight walks.

Kuhns struck out the next batter, and enticed a 1-2-3 game ending double play from Crush shortstop, “Wino”


pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Happy birthday, skip.

Coach Jones talks with Ducks infielder Ryan Novak


The Ghostbusters have a double header this saturday, 9am at Pie Traynor Field in North Park.
The weather should be fantastic.

let’s play two

The NABA national office has yet to update information regarding the 2009 Florid Citrus Classic.

Blues infielder Kenny Rayl will have fund raising information this weekend.

Here is an unrelated Rolling Stones video


Ghostbusters Double Header Saturday 9am, Pie Traynor Field

pittsburgh NABA
Swoosh and I are trying to figure out a way to provide Ducks apparel at a lower cost, and to con local investors into funding a large portion of our league dues next year.
I could not find an online vendor that provides green and yellow shirts at a lower cost. all the products are marked up $3 all that money goes to the Ducks, but there’s still a rather large shipping cost which is no good. Our goal is to lower prices by about $5 a shirt and still have enough profit to get a significant portion to the team, while providing awesome gear to our loyal fans.
We may have to outsource.

Last week’s slate of fall ball games will be moved to the end of the season, not bumped up one week. The Avalon Ghostbusters of the North Hills have a chance to get to 2-1 after this Saturday’s double header, which I initially, and incorrectly assumed was only going to be one game. Fortunately for the Ghostbusters, the team is loaded with pitching. Avalon may add a lefty to the already deep rotation, and another catcher. Eric Lee is a hard man to get a hold of, but has an open offer to play for the Ghostbusters this season, to add some much needed outfield depth.

Speaking of bad remakes, there is a Knight Rider series in the works.
So many original series’ have fought their way back into the public eye due to a sick obsession with 80’s and 90’s campy television, film, and music which was bad to begin with. And it is due in part, perhaps, to baby boomers reminiscence about the year they got the tax break which allowed them to buy their second Porsche.

Remember the night after all the Federal Air Traffic Controllers were laid off, and we did a bunch a blow and killed a homeless person before we went home and watched the Knight Rider episode where Kit made sexual advances towards Herbie the Love Bug?
Those were the days

It is perplexing how a show or a movie can be made on the basis of, “the original was so bad it’s good”. This is happening everywhere, and is even more disturbing than the Indiana Jones, Die Hard remakes, which contain no pretense about being anything but formulaic revenue machines.
Like a bad joke told by a man with a sweet mullet; it may be funny, but not because its funny. I think.

There’s also a GI Joe movie in the works. If this movie goes beyond pure war propaganda, I will be amazed.

I want a Quantum Leap remake, and another Twin Peaks-esque David Lynch project on network television.

I’m enjoying the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicle series, even though it is fairly predictable.

Ducks’ pitcher, Nick Homa, continues to dominate in fantasy football, I continue to lose.

In baseball news, Carlos Zambrano threw a no-hitter two days ago, and the 4th place Yankees are trying to get a rule change to allow them to be in the playoffs just because they are the Yankees. Bud Selig is considering the offer.

Former Pirate Dale Sveum is now the coach of the Brewers.


Infinite Jest


Writer, David Foster Wallace, committed suicide yesterday.

I think it was 2004, when I received a hardbound edition of Wallace’s collection of short stories, “Oblivion”, as a Christmas gift.[1] It took me a while to penetrate the collection, but like a good, pure narcotic, I was unable to stop once I indulged myself. I was hooked on David Foster Wallace. This time coincided with the peak of my own self destructive behavior, and David Foster Wallace’s work was one of the more benign habit forming substances I enjoyed during my undergraduate years. Those days are long gone, and I haven’t read his work in quite some time, one of those things I left in South Oakland over three years ago.

Shortly after my holiday introduction to David Foster Wallace, I was assigned “The Girl with Curious Hair”, another of his short story collections in one of my Fiction Readings classes at Pitt. I recommend it; the story, Little Expressionless Animals, naturally, depicts the day-to-day of Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak, among other things.

Post-Modernism is kind of like licorice; not everyone likes licorice, but people who like licorice really like licorice. [2] Reading DFW led me to experiment with the application of a, somewhat stylistically forced, po-mo frame work to a large portion of my undergraduate writing. As a writer, I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional story arc, party due to my inability to master a straight forward, start to finish short story and partly because that’s what everyone else was doing and I felt a need to do something different and more grandiose, I failed often. The way I think doesn’t lend itself well with traditional story telling. I have a hard time lining up all my Ducks in a row. David Foster Wallace introduced me to post-modernism, and while many consider the genre to be self aggrandizing and condescending, (they [whomever they are] may be right in some instances or maybe they are jealous, or don’t get it. I may not “get it” entirely) but by reading his work I’ve been exposed to previously unknown (to myself) ideas of what is acceptable and possible in terms of structure, content and style. I may never title the chapters in one of my stories with line drawings, but elements of post modernism leak into much of my fiction writing.

The literary world has suffered a tragic loss which pales in comparison to the loss of David Foster Wallace’s family.

I will revisit his work with a clear head; that’s the best thing I can do to honor the memory of an author who has shaped the way I approach writing more than any other.

[1] I’ve always had a fondness for hardcover books, they look wonderful on the shelf, and through my pillaging of discount and used book stores I have accumulated almost an entire shelf of hardcovers which, I contend, give me the appearance of a serious reader, and literary type.

[2] This is a saying I saw on a T-shirt of a girl I was friends with in high school and related to LSD.

Rain, Friday, and Robots

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

While the 2009 Ducks season is still 8 and a half months away, it’s not to early to start fund raising. For instance, this holiday season, why not by Ducks Hoodies for everyone you know, and ask your mom to buy you one for the holiday celebration of your choice.

The Ghostbusters are unlikely to fight against the elements in order to get in a game, although the field was mighty dry and may benefit from the rain if it doesn’t continue to late into the night.

Goodness knows we can’t reschedule for Sunday as that would cut into the twelve hour pre-game binge drinking preparation for the Steelers game at 8:30.
I’m a die hard Steelers fan, and I look forward to football season with the anticipation of a high school kid awaiting some quasi-holiday I don’t understand but allows me to miss school for a day, but I think the NFL is one step away from becoming self-aware and overtaking human kind.

Terminator and Terminator II star the Governnor of California, Terminator 4 stars Christian Bale of Dark Knight and Batman Begins fame. Batman and Robin the forgettable fourth installment of the Batman Series, includes the villian Mr. Freeze, who was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
There are a lot of sequels and remakes coming out. I’m sure someone has noticed I have never used any pictures of the remade Bad News Bears film, although it was enjoyable.

I’ll have an email out to the Blues in a week or so outlining our plans for the Florida Citrus Classic, Jan 17th-19th. I hope we can retain most of our pitching staff.