Rain, Friday, and Robots

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

While the 2009 Ducks season is still 8 and a half months away, it’s not to early to start fund raising. For instance, this holiday season, why not by Ducks Hoodies for everyone you know, and ask your mom to buy you one for the holiday celebration of your choice.

The Ghostbusters are unlikely to fight against the elements in order to get in a game, although the field was mighty dry and may benefit from the rain if it doesn’t continue to late into the night.

Goodness knows we can’t reschedule for Sunday as that would cut into the twelve hour pre-game binge drinking preparation for the Steelers game at 8:30.
I’m a die hard Steelers fan, and I look forward to football season with the anticipation of a high school kid awaiting some quasi-holiday I don’t understand but allows me to miss school for a day, but I think the NFL is one step away from becoming self-aware and overtaking human kind.

Terminator and Terminator II star the Governnor of California, Terminator 4 stars Christian Bale of Dark Knight and Batman Begins fame. Batman and Robin the forgettable fourth installment of the Batman Series, includes the villian Mr. Freeze, who was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
There are a lot of sequels and remakes coming out. I’m sure someone has noticed I have never used any pictures of the remade Bad News Bears film, although it was enjoyable.

I’ll have an email out to the Blues in a week or so outlining our plans for the Florida Citrus Classic, Jan 17th-19th. I hope we can retain most of our pitching staff.

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