Batman and Robin is on TBS right now

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I don’t have cable and I can’t find the remote, so I get to watch the worst Batman movie of all time, this may also be the worst movie in which Uma thurmon plays a predominant role. I think I may read a book soon.

I’d rather watch these two than the governer of California playing Mr. Freeze.

There is not much to report from Ducks, Ghostbusters, or Blues camp at the moment.
The Ghostbusters will probably need to add a couple Ducks to the lineup this Saturday, we only have eight confirmed players. I’m in the process of trying to aquire Eric Lee from the Crush, as the Ghostbusters are short on outfielders.

I am amazed that Batman and Robin was ever made. I hope if a Ghostbusters 3 comes to fruition, it has absolutly nothing in common with this sequel in another solid movie franchise. There are rumors of a third Ghostbusters film floating around the internet. Bill Murry is the only one who is not on board. Murry was not in Caddy Shack II, good decision. Since Dan Akroid is already in Ghostbusters, he will not be able to fill in for Murry in a hypothetical Ghostbusters 3, as he did in Caddy Shack II.

If you haven’t noticed, the NFL season has begun. Ducks’ pitcher, Nich Homa had the high score in the fantasy football league I am commisioning. Blues catcher, Craig “Ultimate Warrior” Boley also won handily.


The Blues will soon begin fundraising for the Florida Citrus Classic, which runs from Jan. 17th-19th in Palm Beach Florida. A solid showing in FLA would be a great way to start the tournament seaosn.

It would benefit the Ducks greatly to aquire some sponsorship money prior to the 2009 season. The T-shirt sales have been less than spectacualr, and I don’t think we can count on Gregg Campbell getting another $500 from the Bottelshop, I haven’t heard form him in a while. It’s never too early to solicit funds for your amateur baseball team.

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