Duck Eliminated from playoffs

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland is officially out of the playoffs, thanks to a shitty 9-15 record, and Cranberry picking up a forfeit win from West End.

This is our first losing season and first non playoff campaign since 2007.

I’m not sure how things are going to shake down in the offseason.

Ideally, next year, there will be a single A Ducks team, and we will take the top half of our depth chart and fill in the blanks to form a new AA team.

I feel like our 8-6 second half record reflects our talent level relative to the rest of the league, but our bad start killed us and attendance was an issue.

We lacked middle infield depth and pitching depth. You can’t win with two life time outfielders playing 3rd and 2nd in a must win game.

I will be very surprised if one of the top 4 seeds doesn’t win it this year.

What a disappointing season.



Ducks lose to Brookline, Beat West End.

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Ducks 2, Black Sox 7. This loss to the Black Sox was one of the worst i’ve been around for given the importance, the lack of players showing up for a do or die game, and then the six unearned runs we allowed. We left the bases loaded twice. At least we weren’t shut out.

We ended on a good note  at least by beating West End 7-6 on a walk off double by Anthony Ciccone. Guthrie scored from first on the play. Baumgartel pitched 4 scoreless innings in relief. We came back from a six run deficit.

South Oakland finishes the regular season with a 9-15 record.

We need Cranberry to lose their last two for us to back into the playoffs.

Ducks Lose.

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland lost 7-2 to Elliot in Elliot on Saturday.

Do or die time Sunday in a double header against Brookline and West End.

Game 1 is at Beedle Park at 2pm, Game 2 is at Herschel Park at 8pm

Two wins and a forfeit victory over West End for our game from earlier in the year will give us a 10-14 record. Not terrible after a 1-9 start.


Gamday 21: Ducks at Elliot

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball





Herschel Park

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 12.35.06 PM

Pittsburgh Standings as of  Sunday afternoon

We play 3 games in two days starting tonight against 2-time defending champion Elliot in Elliot.

We will have a forfeit win for one of our west end games, and play the other tomorrow night in a game that could be huge.

The Pirates have clinched a spot.

Carrick is technically still alive, but barely. (note: Carrick comes up as carsick in spell check)

Cranberry is falling fast.

The Militia went on a nice run as of late, but lost a tough one this morning.

The Black Sox play Carrick tonight, and still have to reschedule a game against the Bulldogs, before they play us tomorrow.

If we win-out we’re in.

Despite our respective records, we played Elliot close early this season, losing 9-7 and leaving a ton of guys on base.

Patten’s on the hill tonight.

Bad News for Elliot

A look at the standings

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 1.08.03 PM

5-11 seeds as of July 9th

Over the weekend the Black Sox lost to Jefferson Davis Toyota. Monroeville went 2-1, beating West End and Carrick, and losing to the Cherokee.

Carrick is all but eliminated unless they win their last two and two of the teams above them finish 8-16. They finish against Cranberry and Brookline, so hopefully they win those two.

Monroeville finishes with two against Cranberry and two against Pour House. They can end up anywhere from 10th to fifth.

The West End coach hasn’t responded to multiple attempts to reschedule our home date against them, nor has he reached out to reschedule the Ducks at West End game from earlier in the season.

It would be great to know what’s going on regarding the West End games.

The Militia play 3 games before we play Elliot on Saturday. If they win all three, we have to beat Elliot to avoid elimination.

It will be a huge disappointment if our game vs. Brookline on Sunday is meaningless, but a lot would have to go wrong for us for that to be the case.




Ducks Lose.

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

The Pirates scored 9 runs on 4 hits, and we couldn’t string anything together against their lefty. On defense we started the game by committing 4 straight errors and allowing 5 unearned.

We dropped to 9th, and need help to make the playoffs now. We are a half game back of the Militia who play the Cherokee today, and the Black Sox beat the Bulldogs to pull 1.5 games ahead of us.

Our record is 7-13.

Our first sub-.500 season since 2006.

We play Elliot next saturday at Herschel Park at 6pm, and the Sox the day after at Beedle Park.

We’re also trying hard to get our West End games rescheduled, but their coach is hard to get ahold of for some reason.

If we win-out, we will make the playoffs unless the Militia win 6 of 7.


A look at the schedules of the teams in the 5-10 spots:

Right now, we’re the team I’m basing the magic numbers off of. The best we can do is finish 11-13, so the combination of opponent wins and Ducks losses that makes it impossible for us to catch them is the number.

It’s very likely i’m messing that up.

#5 Pirates (9-10)

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 12.51.49 PM

We’re probably not going to catch Pour House, we need them to sweep the Militia next weekend.

 Magic number: 2

#6 Cranberry (8-9)


Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 12.39.54 PM

Brutal schedule down the stretch. Cranberry plays four games in four days to end the season. If my math is right, they need to schedule one more game. We need them to either completely tank, or to sweep Monroeville. they’ll probably beat the express, split with the militia and lose the rest.

Magic number: 3

#7 Black Sox (8-11-1)

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 12.33.19 PM

The the Sox are on fire.

My best guess is they split their next two and come into the last game of the season 9-12-1. Plus a phantom game somewhere.

Magic number 3.

#8 Militia (6-11)

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 12.32.53 PM

Magic number: 6

We have the tie breaker over Monroeville who doesn’t finish their season till tuesday the 16th.

#9 Ducks (7-13)

This is where we are. If the Militia win 5 of 7 we need to win out to catch them. Most likely scenario for them to win 6 of 7 and make it impossible to catch up, would be losing to the Cherokee and then winning out, which would put them at 12-12, but would bring Cranberry down to 8-11 and force them to take two from Jefferson Hills, Carrick, the Cherokee and the Bulldogs to get to ten wins.

Most likely they will go 4-3 in their last 7. It’d be nice if Carrick stole one tomorrow. As much as I hate rooting against Sorosky and Tremmel and those guys.

Carrick (6-13-1)

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 12.33.40 PM

The best Carrick can finish is 10-13-1. But if they do they will have to beat the Sox, Militia and Cranberry.


We played Elliot tough earlier this year. We can sneak one Saturday if we play infield and hit.

It’s going to be a shit show if not all the games get rescheduled and it effects teams getting into the playoffs.

None of this matters if we don’t play better.


Gameday 20: Ducks at Pour House

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks (7-12)


Pour House Pirates (7-10)


Hershel Park

The last time we played the Pirates we were pulling guys off the street to play, and we still put up 10 runs before an epic collapse in the top of the seventh in which Pour House scored nine unanswered and went on to beat us 14-10.

It would be nice if West End got nine together on Friday to at least force Pour House to use up some pitching. They play three games in four days and are one game ahead of us in the standings. This weekend is huge for playoff implications as we get down to the wire. We have almost all our starters available Saturday morning, so we don’t have any excuses if we can’t hold them under 14 runs.

Jesse Ferko is playing third.

Bad News for the Pirates

Eight Men Out: South Oakland pulls into final playoff spot with 5 games remaining

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland (7-12) played with 8 players for five innings and still beat Carrick 4-3 at Beedle Park in Western Maryland on June 23rd.

Fago has won like 5 straight decisions on the mound, and leads the team in wins and saves.

South Oakland lost 6-0 to the Cleveland Indians on Sunday in a rain-shortened affair.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 3.52.30 PM

[Standings as of Monday, July 1st]

The Black Sox have picked it up, going from 10th to 7th over the last couple weeks.

Everyone else is falling back to the pack.

The Ducks have two games to reschedule vs. West End, Pour House this Saturday, then finish with Elliot and Brookline on the season’s final weekend.

After looking at the schedules of the rest of the teams outside the top 4, basically, we control our own destiny since the other 5-10 teams will beat up on each other.

I said at one point we needed ten wins to make it in, and i think that should still do it.

After a 1-9 start we could conceivably finish as high as fifth, but we have to keep winning. Pending rescheduled games, South Oakland plays Brookline on the last day of the regular season.