Ducks lose to Brookline, Beat West End.

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Ducks 2, Black Sox 7. This loss to the Black Sox was one of the worst i’ve been around for given the importance, the lack of players showing up for a do or die game, and then the six unearned runs we allowed. We left the bases loaded twice. At least we weren’t shut out.

We ended on a good note  at least by beating West End 7-6 on a walk off double by Anthony Ciccone. Guthrie scored from first on the play. Baumgartel pitched 4 scoreless innings in relief. We came back from a six run deficit.

South Oakland finishes the regular season with a 9-15 record.

We need Cranberry to lose their last two for us to back into the playoffs.

One thought on “Ducks lose to Brookline, Beat West End.

  1. Hopefully Cranberry loses, might go pick up a bunch of homeless people downtown and pay them $20 to walk in and out of Cranberry’s dugout and mess w/ their stuff. Sorry I couldn’t make the first game but nothing I could do for this one — sucks ass. Had fun this year thanks for letting me play and keeping my dying washed up baseball career going for 1 more season, going to try to play fall ball if anyone wants to do a team with me email me at Go Carrick/Monroeville.


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