the schedule is going to change again – why not another edit? {monday 8/31- 10:03pm

2009 Ducks Baseball
we’re going to a straight double elimination format now.
the final schedule will be posted later today.

this couldn’t have worked out any worse for us.
here is the schedule.

i have no idea how to even try to get our game friday moved. but that would be great.

As of now, we need a shortstop for the first two games.

none of this is joe’s fault he’s been working hard with little help to make this a worthwhile endeavor.

who is this saxonburg team?

Friday, September 4th, 2009

6PM @ Pullman Park – Debos vs. Portage
6PM@ Highfield ( Lower Field) – Ducks vs. Saxonburg
6PM@ Highfield ( Upper Field) – Sto Rocks vs. Pittsburgh

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

10AM@ Pullman Park – Butler vs. Freeport
10AM@ Highfield (Lower Field) – Clancy’s vs. winner of Debos vs. Portage
10AM@ Highfield (Upper Field) – Rochester vs. winner of the Pgh. Vs. Hurricanes
10AM@ BCCC – Pirates vs. winner of the Saxonburg vs. Ducks

I recieved an “unoficial” bracket and it is rediculous – i won’t post it until it is final – it is set up in a manner that would potentially have teams playing 3 or 4 games in one day and the HR Derby interfering with some games, which doesn’t make much since as we have field times spanning 4 days but whatever, this is what we have now.

if we beat saxonburg we play saturday at 10am on Saturday against the Dunnless Pirates, if we lose game 1 we play at 12pm on Saturday and will have to win that game to force a double header and a 3pm game.

if we go win-lose

we play saturday at 3pm and have to win to force a 6pm game. which would be 3 games in one day.


if we go win-win
we play saturday night at 7pm

let’s hope this get tweaked a bit.

Sunday, September 6th
Continuation of Tournament – Times and Location TBD

Monday, September 7th
Continuation of Tournament – Times and Location TBD


practice tuesday 6pm Pie Traynor. – EDIT_SChedule UPDATE

members of the naba steel city classic teams, and fall ball will practice at pie traynor on tuesday at 6pm.

The Ducks open the ‘classic against sorosky’s team of ringers on friday at 6pm.

field tbd.

we play a double header on saturday starting with the bulldogs at 10am on then the hurricanes afterward.

if we finish in the top 2 in our 4 team poll, we will advance to the double elimination round on sunday.
full schedule

Schedule (Home Teams determined by coin flip)

Friday, September 4th, 2009
Ducks vs. Pirates; 6pm; Lower Highfield
Hurricanes vs. Bulldogs; 6pm; Upper Highfield

Saturday, September 5th, 2009
Bulldogs vs. Ducks; 10:30am; Lower Highfield
Pirates vs. Hurricanes; 10:35am; Upper Highfield

Ducks vs. Hurricanes; 12:45pm; Lower Highfield
Bulldogs vs. Pirates; 12:50pm; Upper Highfield

HR Derby – Pullman Park – 4pm Qualifying Round (Each team 2 hitters) – 6pm Championship Round (Top 3 hitters overall)

Sunday, September 6th
Doubleheaders for each time starting at 10am – Exact times and locations TBA

Monday, September 7th
Championship Series (Best of 3) – 11am Pullman Park

Teams Committed to Play (12 teams total)

Pool A (BEC Tourney)
Debo’s Movers
Allegheny Valley Baseball
Butler City

Pool B (BEC Tourney)
Clancy’s Grill
Freeport River Pirates
Portage B Squirrels

Pool C (Steel City Classic)
Allegheny Pirates
South Oakland Ducks
Sto-Rocks Hurricanes
Rochester Inn Bulldogs


Breaking Steel City Classic News

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA

Via Commish’s email…

The Steel City Tournament has merged with the Butler Eagle County Tournament…

The new fee is $650 (down from $750), and we are now guaranteed 5 7-inning games (35 innings, up from 27 – details below). Individual teams will be getting more for less than what the SCC could have offered.

Please set aside 30 minutes on 9/3 at 6pm for a quick, but important meeting.

Here are the details of the tournament (lengthy, but important…. please read in its entirety):

Saturday, August 29, 2009 – Manager’s Meeting – 2PM – Pullman Park
I will submit the entry fee ($400) on behalf of each team. I would recommend you send a representative from your team as pools will be draw at this time. 3 Pools of 4 teams. Top 2 teams from each Pool make playoffs.

Friday, September 4, 2009 – First Day of Tournament
Games begin at 6PM and will be held at Pullman Park, Highfield, and Butler County Community College.

Saturday, September 5, 2009 – Second Day of Tournament
Games TBA – Played all Day
HR Derby at 3PM at Pullman Park – Teams must send two (2) representatives. Championship round of HR Derby will begin at 4:30PM.

Sunday, September 6, 2009 – Third Day of Tournament
Top-6 teams will make the finals and will enter into a double elimination tournament and the championship game will be on Monday at 1PM.

Prizes: RLC Bats, BWP Bats (Provided by PIttsburgh NABA); Championship T-shirts (Provided by Pittsburgh NABA)

Bad News for Butler.


Ducks, this is your manager speaking. I will be up north in beautiful meadville this weekend. I need someone to represent the Ducks at this meeting. I also have some cash and checks at my house that need to get to Joe. It would be nice if someone who will be at the scrimmage tomorrow can take them to him. I can leave them in an envolope in my mailbox if that helps.



After the scrimmage against the Bulldogs, the Ducks’ BBQ will be held at my place in Swissvale. All are invited, even Yoda.

My Place

My place is actually on Milligan Way, but it is called Buzzard Way on Google maps. When you turn onto Milligan Way, bear to the right and go to the bottom of the hill. You will come out into a clearing with three buildings, mine is the one on the right. From the front of the building you can buzz the door or just yell at me on my patio.

I’m getting the basics, burgers, dogs, and brews. If you want some finer cuts of meat or liquor you can bring your own. Any beverage or food donations are appreciated, and any monetary donations will be contributed to Ducks’ Charities. Leave a comment saying if your coming and if your bringing any people so I have an idea of how much I need to get. If this isn’t a good day we can move the BBQ to a different date.


NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball



Saturday Aug. 29th.

Ducks vs. Bulldogs scrimmage on the 29th as well.

Anyone else who wants to get in some work before fall ball/labor day tourney is also welcome to attend to help fill out the teams, and to watch the highly anticipated Yoda vs. Guthrie showdown.

An additional thank you to Kirk Gibson for being the catalyst of the Erie trip, and for not taking that job in CT which will allow him to remain a Duck next season.


SomeoneElse can recap this

2009 Ducks Baseball
The ducks split a double header with the Erie league champs, and lost 3-2 to a combo of two teams on Sunday. It was a good tune-up for the Labor Day Tournament, which will now probably only feature 4 teams, all from our league which is unfortunate.

McCray and Fago went yard.
KT and Casale had at least 5 hits apiece.
Coby and TC had key hits to spark rallies and drive in runs.

it was a great weekend of baseball.
the ducks thank the teams in Erie for the free baseball.
this recap doesn’t count someone else please recap.


Ducks Rumor Mill


I have just received information from an inside source that the South Oakland Ducks of the North Side have just signed former NABA 2008 MVP Fago to a contract for the series in Erie and the Labor Day tourney. Sources also say that he is very close to signing a contract to be a Duck during the 2010 NABA season.

When asked about this possible signing Manager TC Jones said, “Since we lost 11 Ducks from the 2009 team we are actively looking for players of Fago’s caliber to fill holes left by departing players. A player like Fago would fill up both a hole in our infield and a hole in our pitching rotation.”