the schedule is going to change again – why not another edit? {monday 8/31- 10:03pm

2009 Ducks Baseball
we’re going to a straight double elimination format now.
the final schedule will be posted later today.

this couldn’t have worked out any worse for us.
here is the schedule.

i have no idea how to even try to get our game friday moved. but that would be great.

As of now, we need a shortstop for the first two games.

none of this is joe’s fault he’s been working hard with little help to make this a worthwhile endeavor.

who is this saxonburg team?

Friday, September 4th, 2009

6PM @ Pullman Park – Debos vs. Portage
6PM@ Highfield ( Lower Field) – Ducks vs. Saxonburg
6PM@ Highfield ( Upper Field) – Sto Rocks vs. Pittsburgh

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

10AM@ Pullman Park – Butler vs. Freeport
10AM@ Highfield (Lower Field) – Clancy’s vs. winner of Debos vs. Portage
10AM@ Highfield (Upper Field) – Rochester vs. winner of the Pgh. Vs. Hurricanes
10AM@ BCCC – Pirates vs. winner of the Saxonburg vs. Ducks

I recieved an “unoficial” bracket and it is rediculous – i won’t post it until it is final – it is set up in a manner that would potentially have teams playing 3 or 4 games in one day and the HR Derby interfering with some games, which doesn’t make much since as we have field times spanning 4 days but whatever, this is what we have now.

if we beat saxonburg we play saturday at 10am on Saturday against the Dunnless Pirates, if we lose game 1 we play at 12pm on Saturday and will have to win that game to force a double header and a 3pm game.

if we go win-lose

we play saturday at 3pm and have to win to force a 6pm game. which would be 3 games in one day.


if we go win-win
we play saturday night at 7pm

let’s hope this get tweaked a bit.

Sunday, September 6th
Continuation of Tournament – Times and Location TBD

Monday, September 7th
Continuation of Tournament – Times and Location TBD


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