Ducks Lose

2011 Ducks Baseball

Rick Whalen went down in the first inning after an rbi double by Vinny Gala, and a bizzare call on a pop out to right field.

Whalen has 4 staples in his leg and the Ducks finished the game with 8 players.

Casale, Fago and Cinefra had hits for South Oakland. Fago drove in the Ducks only run.

We’ll play the Bulldogs again in Spring Hill at 9pm with all our guys sometime on June 8th.

Not the best start.

Although Guthrie struck out Nechef who was 0-4 and turned down a spot on the Ducks this season.


South Oakland plays tomorrow at 12pm vs. the Devils at Pie Traynor Field.



Ducks Set to Open Season Saturday

2011 Ducks Baseball

South Oakland (0-0) will face the Bulldogs (0-1)

Saturday at 8:30am at John Herb Field.

We’re using our September call-ups in May to fill out our lineup while we wait for the college kids to show up.

The Bulldogs are gonna be tough to beat this year and will give the Fightin’s all they can handle in the Norris Division.

They’re my sleeper pick to win it all in a league exactly like ours but without Ducks.

With three games in three days, the Ducks look to get in shape and discover hidden pitching talent before Patrick Division play starts on May 7th with a game against the Pony Express.

We’re returning all our starters from our championship team, and have a couple new guys I haven’t met or seen play.

That’s about as good of a preview as I can offer right now.

Jesse Smith is a beast.


Gameday [1] Ducks vs. Eagles

2011 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side


South Side Eagles

9 pm Springview Field

This will be only the 4th game of the season league-wide if we play, and  there’s still plenty of time for it to rain.

Its been all down hill for South Side since they lost that lefty short stop, or quit playing him there or whatever.

We will probably get Adam Smith on the mound.

We’re rolling with 8 guys and an actual duck until sometime between the 7th-12th of May.

Bad News for the Eagles.

Opening Day Eve

2011 Ducks Baseball, League Champion South Oakland Ducks, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Rain is dominating the Pittsburgh NABA through two weeks of play, but it looks like we might actually play tomorrow.

Bullet Points.

YODA will show up at a bulldogs game and get into a fight with Trojan and/or Trojan’s “partner.”

The Militia will finish the regular season ahead of the Black Sox for the first time since they were the Rebels.

Clearly, the Sharks based their team name off West Side Story

The Bulldogs will finally win a playoff game/series…

 in the 28+ league.

Elliot will lose to the Black Sox in the playoffs when that guy who yells ‘Kenny Powers’ climbs the fence at Moore Park and knee-drops Elliot’s Ace in the 3rd inning, sparking a rally and a controversial win for Brookline when, after a two hour delay for the paramedics to cart the guy off the field and half the lights go out and the game is decided in a beer shot-gunning contest in the parking lot.

Then the Sox lose to the Ducks in the semis.

Anthony DeFilippo for MVP – believe it.

I don’t think there were league awards awarded last season. And where’s our trophy. It belongs in Guthrie’s living room until someone dethrones us.

We should move to a title belt.

Militia vs. the Fightin’s wil be heated. The Canes have more heated intra-division rivalries than anyone.

Rumor has it the Militia made a run at Rafalski in the off season.

Halloway is not pleased.

The big question is will the Ducks repeat.

We’re taking applications for Ducks Manager for the 2012 Season.

Thanks for reading.


PGH NABA News: Peter “Pan” Chalfin Perfect in B-Sox Home Opener vs. Express. Ducks Coach Spends Evening Polishing Trophy.

2011 Ducks Baseball, League Champion South Oakland Ducks

Pitching for the first time since he lost to Guthrie and the Ducks in the 2010 Championship, Pete Chalfin tossed a perfect game against the Express Thursday night at Moore Park.

Brookline wins 6-0, and move to 1-0 in the Patrick Division.

Kenny Powers is pumped.

The Express did not reach first base Thursday.


The Defending Champion South Oakland Ducks hare set to open the season against the Eagles on Wed, April 27, 9pm at Springview Field.


Game Day [1] Ducks at Oilers, 9pm Spring View Field

2011 Ducks Baseball, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (0-0)


Hebrew Oilers (1-0)

9pm,  Springview Field

Naturally we’re the away team at our home field tonight.

It looks like April in Pittsburgh outside so who knows if we’ll get the game in.

Last year our 3-2 victory over the Oilers sparked a 15-1 run to end the regular season including a 13-game win streak after a 4-6 start.

We’ve got to get out of the gate faster this season.

Big Oil knocked off defending regular season champ Brookline, 4-2 on Monday in the only game to have been played this season.

Fightin’s vs. Elliot tonight should be interesting too.

School’s almost out, so the ducks blog will hopefully rise back to 2008-09 standards.

I wonder if they still have those sweet gold helmets?

The Oilers did.

It’s Captain vs. Warren Moon tonight, if the rain holds off.

5-time CFL Champion, former Eskimo.

NABA Champion.

Bad News for Big Oil

Oilers Set Rotation to Stun

2011 Ducks Baseball

Amidst a flurry of shit talking via email correspondence, Big Oil boasted of their ability to receive government subsidies and enjoy tax-free status, while the middle class, as represented by the blue collar Brookline Black Sox and manager, Kenny Powers, continues to shrink and pay $4.00 a gallon.

South Oakland has a healthy respect and disdain for our long time rivals in Brookline who have been busy collecting seasonal unemployment and tossing beer kegs and cinder blocks at one another as part of an intense off-season conditioning program.

I imagine words insinuating milkshake drinking were thrown about while Oil management sauntered about Brooks Brothers buying polo shirts during lunch hour, and unwittingly hit ‘reply all’ on on of their team iPhones.

Big Oil plans to throw their ace tonight against Brookline with a game against the defending champion Ducks on Wednesday.

Clearly they think we’re a bunch of pussies. I don’t know what other conclusion can be logically drawn.

 In other news, I finally saw There Will Be Blood, and the Oilers homepage finally makes sense. Solid flick.

Well played there for sure.

Ironically, the Black Sox picked  their new team slogan, “Use a fucking piano leg with a nail in it if you have to,” from another Daniel Day Lewis movie, Gangs of New York.

If it doesn’t get rained out it should be a good one tonight at Spring View, as the revamped Big Oil squad takes on the always dangerous, Black Sox in a 2010 semifinal rematch.