Gameday [1] Ducks vs. Cranberry 3pm Pie Traynor Field, North Park

2011 Ducks Baseball

Fighting with mother nature to get the game in – as of 11am it’s looking bleak

We’ll have nine exactly for the first five games or so.

Sometimes the schedule just works out like that.

Projected starters:

Original Avenger, 2010 championship game 2 winner,

Mark ‘Last Thoughts on Woody‘ Guthrie


Dolores O’Riordan


Bad News for Cranberry



2011 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA

Cranberry brings an imposing starting rotation and a very shrill voice to the Allegheny Division in their inaugural season

No word if suspenders are part of the uniform.

Jack White for President.


Register online at pittsburghnaba now and send money if you still owe outstanding dues.

Once again,

send checks made out to Ben Gwin to

Ducks Baseball

PO box 9181

Pittsburgh, PA, 15224

Still waiting on the final cost per player. My fault there.

There are several players who have paid me nothing, this is not ideal.

If nothing changes it’s going to be over 250 thanks to the uniforms, but they look great and we won’t have to get new ones for eight more years.

This number should drop.

You won’t have to buy a hat if you still have last year’s and want to save a few bucks.

Anyone who wants a breakdown of costs let me know and I’ll pass it along.

If you’re sick of lame posts about admin shit that (almost) no one wants to help with and finances, then send in your money and I’ll get back to writing lame posts about amateur baseball that no one wants to read.

Seriously we will forfeit games if we have to.


See Win Win. It’s hilarious.


Season Opener vs. Cranberry: April 16th at Pie Traynor Field

2011 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball


The title defense is upon us.

The first three weeks of the schedule are up on the league site

Go there and register online, Immediately.

Then send  money to the PO box listed in the post below this one if you still owe league dues.

make checks out to: Ben Gwin

Still waiting on news of the final amount of the contribution from Fago’s benefactor.


I have no clue about Cranberry except it’s full of yuppies and strip malls and I fucking hate it there.

Guthrie will start the opener.

We’ll will start the season short handed, as Mike’s Duffy and Fletcher won’t return until late May, and the Waynesburgh, Thiel ¬†and Gannon University/College players won’t finish their seasons until mid-May.

I guarantee at least tree rainouts before then.

We’re built for post-season success and concede nothing.

quack, quack.