Eve of Battle


We got a hold of the “alternative training program” for these Shaler Titans. These guys look like they go pretty hard. X-Caliber is out of the lineup, so we might need a “next man up,” situation if swords are required. Game is at 1PM tomorrow. Bellevue. Lets have a good June. QUACK.


Tied for first, again

2014 South Oakland Ducks, pittsburgh NABA

The Lions beat the WOLFPACK!!! 7-4 last week, and due to technical difficulties, the game hasn’t been updated in the standings as of Friday night.

Here is an episode of Thundercats in Spanish.

Theme song should be someone on the Lions’ walkup music.

Your South Oakland Ducks are tied for first at 7-3. However, West View currently holds the head to head tie breaker. We’re also only up one in the loss column on the Bombers and Lions. Should be a good race down the stretch.

The Ducks play next vs. the Titans (5-6). This Sunday, 1pm in Bellevue.


Ducks Lose.

2014 South Oakland Ducks, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

WOLFPACK!!! 2, Ducks 1

South Oakland (7-3) had a man on third with one out in the bottom of the seventh but couldn’t get the run across, in a tough loss to West View. West View (7-2) is now in sole possession of first place.

The WOLFPACK!!! took a 2-0 lead in the sixth. An error, a hit batter and a single lead to the first run. He was safe, but it was close. The next batter walked, followed by a bases loaded force out at home on a shallow fly to center. He was out by three steps. The WOLFPACK!!! drove in another run on a fielder’s choice.

The Ducks scored in the bottom of the sixth, on an RBI groundout by Ciccone.



  • I thought for sure we were going to get rained out. It didn’t rain at all at Springview.
  • This was a great game by both sides, I can’t wait to beat that team in the playoffs.
  • That third baseman was good defensively, and their pitcher was one of the better guys we faced this season.
  • On four separate occasions, players slid into first.
  • Did you have kid on your high school or college team who could play a little but was such a head case he either quit for some imagined slight (blamed “politics,” of course), and then spent all his time eating weird drugs at shady after hours clubs in Philly, or maybe he was cut because his dad got in a fist fight with the coach or an ump, and it was too much trouble to deal with him? I knew some kids like that, growing up.
  • Fetter allowed 2 hits over six innings.
  • Jones struck out the side in the top of the seventh, including (I think) the sub who went in for one of their players who hurt himself sliding into first.
  • Casale, Galvanek, Swetz and Moore all had hits for the Ducks. Gwin was hit by a pitch and walked twice.
  • Galvanek picked off two runners in one inning. One guy off of second, one off first. He’s probably been our best player since hockey season ended, allowing him to make all the games.
  • I’d like to thank everyone who came out and watched, despite the flash flood and hail warnings.
  • Never slide into first.




Schedule Update


We now have a 1pm game, this Sunday vs. the Titans in Bellevue. 

Our game next wed vs. the Titans has been moved to July 6th in Bellevue. This will be a Ducks home game.

It hasn’t rained yet today, so there’s still a chance we will play tonight. I haven’t checked on the field yet, but I’ll let everyone know as early as possible if we cancel. If we do cancel, I will try to reschedule tonight’s game for next Wed.

tonight’s game is on until you hear otherwise.


Game Day 10: Ducks vs. WOLFPACK!

2014 South Oakland Ducks, Gameday, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (7-2)


West View Wolfpack (6-2)


Springview Field

Such rain yesterday. I’ll let everyone know ASAP if we’re cancelled, but assume we’re playing until you hear otherwise.


Dux 4 life would be such a better knuckle tattoo

If we do play tonight, the Ducks will welcome back Matt Limbach to the team.

Bad News for the Wolfpack

around the league

2014 South Oakland Ducks, NABA, pittsburgh NABA


The single A teams that moved up are getting massacred. The Pirates are surprisingly bad so far, and the Express off to a solid start. Other than that, it’s about as expected. West End apparently won’t play in April. Good luck with the pitching down the stretch when you have 4 games a week.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 2.30.10 PM

Standings as of May 23rd. Look at some of those run differentials. Jesus.

Ashely Shaffer Kia of Northern West Virginia (6-0) is undefeated, and has only played one close game, a 3-2 win over the Black Sox (5-2).

The Cherokee are once again dominating the regular season. I predict a 22-2 record before their annual playoff letdown. At least a bunch of those guys still have a 2010 title to their credit.


Such an odd mix of fonts between the hat, jersey, and lettering on the picture. 

The Bulldogs Blog was off to a decent start, but has been quiet lately. They’ve had Christmas pictures up for the last 3 weeks. I can’t figure out how to link their site in our blogroll, or even where our blogroll is or how to make it visible. Sorry, guys.


Standings as of May 23rd.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 2.38.32 PM

The Warriors are off to a slow start but I expect them to pick it up.


They were missing some guys when we played them earlier this week. They also have Starting Lineup figures made for their team.


The Senators managed to beat the Bombers 3-2 last week.

The Lions and Monsters, I assume, lack pitching depth given some of the scores of double headers they’ve played in.

The Lions have a sweet website. Lots of photoshop material. Here’s a link to the play by play of the last Ducks vs Lions game.

The Titans score about 5 runs a game and allow just under 7. When we play them, it may look like a football score. They took 3 of 4 from the monsters, but have lost to the senators and warriors. Kerry Collins is my favorite Titan.

Before they were the WOLFPACK!!!

pittsburgh naba

they were the Matadors


matadors naba

and the sharks

West Side Story -  The Sharks pittsburgh naba

That one side-arm pitcher was on our team for half a season. Effectively wild.

The Matadors were part of a ridiculous scandal involving an attempt to bribe the Owlz into forfeiting a game so the Bulldogs would miss the playoffs. Matador management was certain the Commish was out to get them, but I don’t think that guy runs the team anymore.

There was some bullshit involving the Sharks one year and some other team, but I forget what it was exactly. Maybe the Hurricanes were involved.

We play them Wednesday at our place. We need to get some Ducks fans in the seats that night. Tell people we have the bathroom key now. That may help.


Your South Oakland Ducks (7-2) are in first place. The team has come together pretty well. Nothing helps chemistry like winning. If our pitchers keep throwing strikes, we should remain competitive. We will see how we handle a stretch in July when we have like 8 games in two weeks.

Iceberg will give us some innings at some point.


I’m still waiting for Culp, Swetz and Faust to be added to the league site so I can get their stats in. So far our stats are pretty good.

Strom has hit six batters in 21 innings pitched.


This site outlines how to build your own bobble head doll.

I think we should get stirrups.

It was great when people used to leave comments after these posts.