Game Day [1] Ducks at Oilers, 9pm Spring View Field

2011 Ducks Baseball, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (0-0)


Hebrew Oilers (1-0)

9pm,  Springview Field

Naturally we’re the away team at our home field tonight.

It looks like April in Pittsburgh outside so who knows if we’ll get the game in.

Last year our 3-2 victory over the Oilers sparked a 15-1 run to end the regular season including a 13-game win streak after a 4-6 start.

We’ve got to get out of the gate faster this season.

Big Oil knocked off defending regular season champ Brookline, 4-2 on Monday in the only game to have been played this season.

Fightin’s vs. Elliot tonight should be interesting too.

School’s almost out, so the ducks blog will hopefully rise back to 2008-09 standards.

I wonder if they still have those sweet gold helmets?

The Oilers did.

It’s Captain vs. Warren Moon tonight, if the rain holds off.

5-time CFL Champion, former Eskimo.

NABA Champion.

Bad News for Big Oil


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