Ducks Probably Lost Monday

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I left before it went final, but we were down 7-0 in the top of the seventh, and were being one-hit.

The Bulldogs scored five in the top of the fifth to blow it open.

So many walks.

There is some fantastic facial hair on the Bulldogs this year.

We’ve got to start hitting.

I’ve been using this generic icy hot, because i’m old, and my joints don’t work and this goop turns the inside of my uniform a brilliant bright blue and it doesn’t really help my shoulder and elbow that much but that blue color makes me wonder how toxic it is and if i’m perhaps going to have some kind of blood disease now. Man, would that be something.

The Ducks need some kind of spark real bad right now.

We need to play the Black Sox soon, because you can’t help but get fired up for those games when you walk across the broken cement bleachers, through the cigarette smoke hanging everywhere and drop your gear by the mud pit full of mosquitoes that smells like a dead dog that’s been rotting there since the last frost of winter. And maybe a Sox fan hitting one of our players with a half-empty empty gin bottle could provide that spark.

It seems like none of the teams in our league have any character anymore.  There’s no more shit talking and hatred and I miss it. Teams are too classy, at least outwardly. Even the Cherokee are only shady in the front office, and really i liked it when their catcher was giving us shit and we threw at him. Of course he scored and we lost but at least it was something exciting other than the blue stain on my shirt.  The Ducks certainly don’t have an identity right now, other than a team that doesn’t hit and usually gets good enough starting pitching to keep us in games, and that is a poor identity for a baseball team.

 We’ll see what kind of heart we have in the upcoming games as we edge closer to must-win territory. We’ll either come together and turn it around or it’s gonna be a long summer. I’m optimistic because that’s my nature and we have the talent, but sans gin bottle we need something/someone to light a fire under us.

South Oakland plays at Cranberry this Sunday at 5pm.


3 thoughts on “Ducks Probably Lost Monday

  1. I think it may be time to revive the team that everyone once feared back in the day, The Gray Bats. The best 2-22 team to ever grace NABA. Ah those were the days. I always think Imperial’s 4 or 5 (I lost count??) different uniforms are ripe for scrutiny. Sad about closing of the Duck Pond but Spring Hill was never that hospitable to begin with. Watch for those blue stains and go Ducks!


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