Game Day 6: Ducks vs. Bulldogs

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks (1-4)


Pittsburgh Bulldogs (4-0)


SpringView Field

South Oakland returns to the Duck Pond looking to end a 2-game losing streak against the first place Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs are coming off an 8-4 win against Cranberry, in which Jeff Trojan’s mustache was named player of the game after intimidating Cranberry’s coach into several questionable in-game decisions including an ill-advised double switch that left them without a left fielder for two innings.

The Ducks are still learning the names of all their teammates.

We have rostered players, still away at school, who haven’t taken the field for us yet. This makes it hard to get a good read on where we stand depth wise, but isn’t an excuse for a pretty poor start.

Plenty of teams are missing guys this time of year.

We need to string a few wins together. No better place to start than against a top-tier opponent.

Let’s turn it around tonight.

Rumor has it, Jesse Ferko will make an appearance for South Oakland.

Baconator’s on the hill.

Bad News for the Bulldogs.

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