September Madness!

Here is the final bracket, it’s a little better.



if you aren’t playing this weekend we need to borrow your jersey for the players we have recruited to fill your vacancy.

please get in touch with one of the following ducks from this summer who are playing, and make arrangements to get your jersey, it will be returned asap.

TC, McCray, Guthrie, Wojton, Casale, (aside from friday and saturday 10-3)
Depo, J.Smith, Homa, and maybe Dowling and i think that’s it.

we need 4 or 5 more jerseys total.

i ordered some t-shirts and hats for the weekend.

BWP bats will be for sale on site: $40 for maple and $30 for ash.

Squints, you know your mission…

there will probably be one final schedule change. (above)



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