Ghostbusters Double Header Saturday 9am, Pie Traynor Field

pittsburgh NABA
Swoosh and I are trying to figure out a way to provide Ducks apparel at a lower cost, and to con local investors into funding a large portion of our league dues next year.
I could not find an online vendor that provides green and yellow shirts at a lower cost. all the products are marked up $3 all that money goes to the Ducks, but there’s still a rather large shipping cost which is no good. Our goal is to lower prices by about $5 a shirt and still have enough profit to get a significant portion to the team, while providing awesome gear to our loyal fans.
We may have to outsource.

Last week’s slate of fall ball games will be moved to the end of the season, not bumped up one week. The Avalon Ghostbusters of the North Hills have a chance to get to 2-1 after this Saturday’s double header, which I initially, and incorrectly assumed was only going to be one game. Fortunately for the Ghostbusters, the team is loaded with pitching. Avalon may add a lefty to the already deep rotation, and another catcher. Eric Lee is a hard man to get a hold of, but has an open offer to play for the Ghostbusters this season, to add some much needed outfield depth.

Speaking of bad remakes, there is a Knight Rider series in the works.
So many original series’ have fought their way back into the public eye due to a sick obsession with 80’s and 90’s campy television, film, and music which was bad to begin with. And it is due in part, perhaps, to baby boomers reminiscence about the year they got the tax break which allowed them to buy their second Porsche.

Remember the night after all the Federal Air Traffic Controllers were laid off, and we did a bunch a blow and killed a homeless person before we went home and watched the Knight Rider episode where Kit made sexual advances towards Herbie the Love Bug?
Those were the days

It is perplexing how a show or a movie can be made on the basis of, “the original was so bad it’s good”. This is happening everywhere, and is even more disturbing than the Indiana Jones, Die Hard remakes, which contain no pretense about being anything but formulaic revenue machines.
Like a bad joke told by a man with a sweet mullet; it may be funny, but not because its funny. I think.

There’s also a GI Joe movie in the works. If this movie goes beyond pure war propaganda, I will be amazed.

I want a Quantum Leap remake, and another Twin Peaks-esque David Lynch project on network television.

I’m enjoying the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicle series, even though it is fairly predictable.

Ducks’ pitcher, Nick Homa, continues to dominate in fantasy football, I continue to lose.

In baseball news, Carlos Zambrano threw a no-hitter two days ago, and the 4th place Yankees are trying to get a rule change to allow them to be in the playoffs just because they are the Yankees. Bud Selig is considering the offer.

Former Pirate Dale Sveum is now the coach of the Brewers.


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