The Steelers Suck


Alright, four disclaimers.

  1. I do not agree with number 5 on this list. I happen to love the city of Pittsburgh.
  2. This link is hosted by an Eagles blog. I am not an Eagles fan. I hate all teams from that wretched city.
  3. I, in fact, hate the NFL entirely. I especially hate the Steelers because they are shoved down my throat everyday.
  4. I am pretty drunk right now. If this offends you, please don’t hold it against me.

Five Reasons why the Steelers suck.

Why I hate the NFL

  • Overtime: If the Titans win the coin toss in overtime against the Squeelers the Titans could have won that game, but we will never know. The NCAA’s overtime rules are far superior to that of the National Fucktard League. Here’s an idea, lets see what happens if each team wins the coin toss.
  • Playoff System: Everybody complains about the BCS, but college fans do not know how good they have it. People say they want to see the best team win and want to see a playoff system for the NCAA in the same sentence. What those people don’t realize is the two are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. The best team in the NFL rarely wins the Super Bowl. The best team usually gets beat by some inferior team by some stroke of luck. Do you really think the Giants were the best team in the NFL in 2007? If you do then you probably can’t read and nobody cares about you.

Then there is the fact that the regular season doesn’t even matter in the NFL. The Titans lost their season opener. They could still barely finish over .500 limp into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl because thats just the way shit works. In the meantime Titan’s fans are watching a shitty team play shitty games and the Titan’s Collesium (or whatever the fuck it is called nowadays) has more empty seats than a Penn State basketball game. Then all of a sudden the playoffs come and everybody is given a second chance. Not so in college. Case in point, look at Oklahoma this year. They lost their season opener. They need a hope and a prayer to win the National Championship this year. Every game in college football is as important as the one before, the one after, and as important as the last game of the season. Even if you aren’t playing for the National Championship. There are no second chances.
I’ve had people tell me the only reason why the bowl system is around today is because it makes the NCAA money. Well no shit sherlock! Do you know why it makes the NCAA money? Because every college football fan lives for the chance to march into a warmer climate every December/January, get drunk, and cheer on your team one last time for the year. It’s what we live for. I went to the Sun Bowl last year. Sure it was a lousy game, but that is still the best vacation of my life.

I know there are more reasons why the NFL sucks and why college football is the best thing since roadhead but I’m about to pass out. I’ll argue about everything else in the comments thread.


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