During this off season the Duck’s are going to be heading towards some major changes. First, Ben will be resigning as equipment manager (pretty much the person who orders and distributes the uniforms and hats). Anyone interested in this position please contact me or Ben ASAP.

Secondly, I am seriously thinking about splitting the Ducks up into two teams. If it looks like we are going to have more than 15 guys interested in playing for the Ducks there will undoubtedly be a split. It is just too difficult for me to get guys, including myself, sufficient playing time with more than 15 guys. I’m not exactly how this split will be made or who will play on which team, but i guess that will all work itself out.

If someone is willing to be the other manager in the split please let me know that you are interested.

Let me reiterate, this split is not guaranteed. It will only happen if we have more than 15 guys interested in being a Duck next year.

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