Game Day [29] Ducks vs. Saxonburg

pittsburgh NABA

This evening, the South Oakland Ducks of the North Side travel to the edge of civilization to play the Saxonburg [Saxons?] in the opening round of the BEC/PGHNABA/SteelCityClassic Wood Bat double elimination tourney.
The Butler tournament didn’t exist until we tried to contact their teams about playing in the Steel City Classic, then they under cut us and put out an inferior product.

In truely Capitalist fashion the Steel City Classic, an entity run by Joe, Vinny, and Sorosky, with minor help from myself and TC, Kenny Powers, and Tremel (sp.), was absorbed by the bigger cheaper Butler Tournament, a tournament that may not provide the same quality as the one we’ve been working since spring, but it will be less expensive. Does the consumer really benefit?
We’ve been bought out, basically.
Once we paid them they changed formats twice.

The number of guaranteed games has dropped to 4 to 2.
Let’s win and it won’t matter.

They are charging $15 per spectator to watch games at Pullman.
i doubt we see much of a cut from the door.
Maybe that’s what we should have done, charged admission to amateur games in order to subsidize some of our cost.

Today the Ducks take the field at the same time as the legaue champ Hurricane’s, Halloway hates the blogosphere, and especially this blog, but we are pulling for him, and the Fightin’s today.

The backdrop here is one of our entire league being disrespected, and disregarded as fodder for the Fed and BEC teams to beat up on, while we hand over our money to subsidize their methlabs.

Normally I don’t believe in playing for respect. But this is different. There is more on the line for our league in this tourney than there was when the Blues romped in the AC tourney.
As much as our league has grown and as far as it has come, – and it has come a very long way – it is clear that we still are not respected locally.

With all this bullshit dominating the week leading up to the start of the tournament, there is still baseball to be played.
If the Ducks, and the Pittsburgh NABA want the respect of these teams we have the opportunity to earn it.

We were put in this bracket specifically to be door mats to the Saxonburgs, (that name sounds like something out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

We are South Oakland of the North Side.
We will face either a former pro or a DI pitcher, nothing we haven’t seen in over the summer I’m sure.
We have an opportunity today.

This evening, the creepy, backwoods Butler County countryside will resonate with the sound of

Abe Lincoln is back with a vengeance.

Bad news for Saxonburg.

Ducks Unite



It has come to my attention that today at 12:01pm, Pond-Of-Famer Adam Oliver will be making the five-and-a-half hour commute through PA Turnpike speedtraps, stimulus roadwork and Labor Day Traffic from the city of cheese steaks to the city of champions just in time to participate in the Beaver County/Steel City Classic baseball tournament. He will be suiting up in the Green and Gold for the first time since his legendary 2007 campaign.
I myself crammed five grueling days of pickle sales into a four day window in which I hustled through four states slinging dill and dreaming of glory. If this were any other week, I would spend my travel time wondering where I went wrong, lamenting the pathetic fact that I accrued a lifetime of debt earning an education that was unlikely to earn me any money, lay any foundation for even nominal renown or ever get me laid. If this were just any week I would spend my travel time anticipating the upcoming weekend of drowning my sorrows in rum-and-coke, par-3 golf, Lil’ Wayne and fat chicks who tell it like is.
But goddamn it, this is tournament week.
In Erie, we knocked off the rust, some of us getting to know each other. Some of us learning, the hard way, how to communicate in the outfield. (Gwin, who has priority?) We hit some bombs, we made some plays, we swung at everything…, we had some fun, but in the end, it was just practice.
In the BC/SSC we may get to hit against a motherfucker that pitched for Braves. Not for nothing, but I’m a Phillies fan, and I will never forget that awful (racist, annoying) chop and its prevalence in the early 90s when Fred McGriff, Dion Sanders and Steve Avery et al were beating us up. We should see some good teams and Ducks thrive on competition. No doubt, you all have a bitter taste in your beaks after a disappointing loss to the Powerses. Oliver and I know the pain of PNABA defeat as both of our regular Duck finales ended in heartbreak, and included losses to Powers. Let’s play some Duck ball and take it out on Beaver teams and Fed teams and NABA mishmashes of quasi-allstar teams. And we’ll be doing it with real Ducks and not recruits. Ducks fly together.
Fago has enough quacktion to count.
This alumni Ducks campaign is not simply for us, but for the respect of Pittsburgh baseball and the honor of every Duck ever to wear the sacred uniform.
Let’s take it to the stage sucka.

September Madness!

Here is the final bracket, it’s a little better.



if you aren’t playing this weekend we need to borrow your jersey for the players we have recruited to fill your vacancy.

please get in touch with one of the following ducks from this summer who are playing, and make arrangements to get your jersey, it will be returned asap.

TC, McCray, Guthrie, Wojton, Casale, (aside from friday and saturday 10-3)
Depo, J.Smith, Homa, and maybe Dowling and i think that’s it.

we need 4 or 5 more jerseys total.

i ordered some t-shirts and hats for the weekend.

BWP bats will be for sale on site: $40 for maple and $30 for ash.

Squints, you know your mission…

there will probably be one final schedule change. (above)