Fall Ball Recap Week #2


After putting up 13 runs against the Royal Has-Beens last week and winning easily, the Red Tide had to squeak out a close one at Avonworth on September 19. The first inning and a half took what seemed like an hour to complete. Both teams came out scoring runs and a plethora of walks and errors contributed to the length of the game. Highlight of the game was in the bottom of the ninth when Della Pena completed his complete game win by striking out the last two batters with runners in scoring position. Final score 9-8 Red Tide.

Red Tide Press Room:

  • The Red Tide will miss Crafty Veteran David Wallis. The Red Tide will play the rest of the season with this patch on their jersey.
  • Do not urban dictionary crafty veteran. I made that mistake only once.
  • Rumors have surfaced that the upper brass of the Red Tide have managed to acquire one or two top notch pitchers to help the cause throughout the ’09 campaign.
  • I was able to snag an impromptu photo of our pitching staff the other day.
Why does it look like Greg Maddux was photoshopped into this picture?

  • Week 3 games were postponed because of rain and have been rescheduled to the end of the season. Check the Pittsburgh NABA website for more details.

Ducks around the league:
None of the teams posted recaps so I have no idea what happened to the other teams, but heres some scores and standings.

Green Machine 8 – Columbia Blue Jackets 11
Orange Crush 9 – Royal Has-Beens 4

Red Tide 2 0
Gold Nuggets 1 1
Orange Crush 1 1
Green Machine 1 1
Columbia Blue Jackets 1 1
Royal Has-Beens 0 2

4 thoughts on “Fall Ball Recap Week #2

  1. sorry about sat morning. i cleared out my inbox from the week before without saving your number. when joe canceled the game i was still half asleep so i just texted the numbers i had and emailed the rest and then fell back asleep.hopefully this weather clears up before saturday.


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