02/13/2010 Managers Meeting


Notes from the managers meeting.

  • There will be definitely 12 teams in the league this year; possibly 19; realistically 14.
  • scheduling@pittsburghnaba.com
  • That is the email address to contact both Joe and myself with any questions, concerns, or announcements related to scheduling and fields
  • League fees for each team are $1300 + umpires + field permit. Umpires fees are $1300 for the season, so the total amount for each team is $2600 + your field permit.

Notes for the Ducks.

  • No checks less than $75. Checks made out to Pittsburgh NABA sent to Ben’s address below.
  • The Ducks are looking into opening a non-profit bank account. Anybody with any information for me that will help me with this let me know. Les, Guth? Did you guys do this for PCB. If so let me know.
  • Pitt NABA Registration. DUCKS PLAYERS! Click on that link and print out the document. Fill it out and send it with your checks to Ben. If you have already sent your deposit to Ben then don’t worry about it, we will have you fill it out at the first practice.

Any questions let Ben or myself know. I am pumped about this season. Can’t wait to get back on the field and of course the infamous Ducks house partys. Going to start practice as soon as this snow is gone. Until then stay in shape and stay safe.


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