Ducks Deadlines and Uniform Stuff


I need to know by March 1st if you are going to play this summer.

If I don’t hear from you by the end of the month I will assume you aren’t playing.
everyone is of course welcome back.

Uniform update.

Were going with white pants this summer.
It will be better.
We have the option of new hats as well if you want to spend the extra $15. I’ll have a design up soon that will be sick.
They will be just like the old Orioles hats.

We need everyone who plans on donning green and gold and white this summer to get a total of $100 in by March 13th.
Some of you have already paid $50.

Send checks to

Ducks Baseball C/O Ben Gwin
421 Florence Ave. #2
Avalon, PA

no cash in the mail, i have too many hippies living in my neighborhood who would take it and spend it on PCP.

Jack White hates hippies


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