Ducks Store

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I made an online store with a couple ducks shirts for sale. They are marked up $3 a piece, if anyone buys anything the profit will go into a paypal account and we’ll use it to pay umpires or I’ll give everyone back some money at the end of the year, maybe buy a bat.
If we only make like $6 I’ll give it to the league for next year.

Any additional apparel suggestions are welcome.
I’ll have more, better stuff up shortly, I’ll have shirts with the duck head logo up soon, I have to get one with more pixels or it will look like Mario Bros. 1, which, when I think about it might not be that bad.

Great gift ideas for family, life partners, and friends; buy them stuff and tell them to come to our games. Also, buy yourself a shirt and help promote the team.

I will have undershirts made for our uni’s from somewhere cheaper, which I’ll give to everyone at cost, probably $10 or so. They will be like our shirts from last year, but the right color yellow.

The season starts in a month.
TC is the coach so direct all your questions to him. Also, pay him.
League Prez., Joe won’t let us play if we don’t get our dues in on time.

The fund raiser at Town Tavern is tentatively scheduled for saturday 4/19. Its’ in the south side. Tell your friends, this will be a relatively economical night out, and we will raise more money. We still have to work out the details.



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