Game 19 Recap: Black Sox 1, Ducks 0.

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This game is not going to get the time it deserves.
Chalfin dominated us.
We had guys in scoring position several times and we did not drive in runs, our best hitters did not come through, except Guthrie that is why he is Captain America.

He had our only hit, which if it didn’t deflect off the Black Sox SS, glove, (who did not look like he wanted to punch anyone today, although i didn’t get a good look at him for most of the night, as I was not on base) may have drove in the potential tying run, but kirk had to hold to make sure it wasn’t caught.
In the bottom of the seventh Captain hit one to the warning track in right center that would have fallen if Goldie wasn’t really a robot.

Fletcher allowed 1 unearned run.
I can not over state how important he has been to this team.
With Our best pitcher from last season, 2008 league strikeout leader, Nick Homa on the bench (with a hip injury he suffered banging the Hurricane’s female accuantences afterg a 2-0 one-hitter against the Fightin’ ‘Canes in the thrid game of the season)
Fletcher has been phenominal.
He fits our team well in that he locates and induces groundball which our infield then makes outs.
We turned 4 double plays in the game, I think including one on the Black Sox, SS, who is one of the fastest guys in the league.

Thanks for sending Fletcher our way Mr. Cool, more reason for the Black Sox to hate you.
Especially when we beat them in the playoffs.

Anyway. Kenny f-ing Powers scored the only run on a single by some dude who is probably in jail right now for robbing one of the liquor stores in the North Side after the game.

the ball beat him there, the throw one hopped our catcher and he couldn’t hold on.
Tough play. our left fielder is a homo with no arm, he’s got to get the throw there in the air.

Some rivalries are born out of hatred, like the Owlz Black Sox, I’d like to think the Ducks Black Sox is one that is now, at least, based more on mutual respect.
This game was nothing like last year’s playoff debacle that is for sure.

Both teams played hard.
Both teams left the field thinking they didn’t hit.
Chalfin and Fletcher both deserved to win.

I think Fletcher only allowed 5 hits to statistically the 2nd best hitting team in the league.
Feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments, guys.

It will take a complete collapse by the Black Sox, and the Ducks winning out for South Oakland to earn a bye.
Our magic number is 2 with the Connfederacy to Clinch the 3 spot.
Let’s finish strong.

Ryan Novak is my favorite baseball player.

We have to start hitting.

If we lose to the Gray Bats on Sunday I am quitting baseball.

“Quack” sign was huge, literally.

BP Wednesday. 6:30 pm at Pitt.

Better to struggle to score runs now than in the playoffs.


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