One More Night…

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA
This video will never get old.
When the season ends I will blog only about the second season of East Bound and Down.

I am looking forward to a viewing Saturday Night, while we hopefully celebrate our victory over the Electric Light Orchestra.

We’ve got the “Eagles” tomorrow – today is the longest day of the week.
Batting Practice today at Pitt at 6:30, then we all er…i guess i can’t avoid this –
“Take it Easy” tonight before the game.

Who is in favor of Practicing with the Bulldogs at John Herb Next week?

What days are good?

Leave a comment and click on an adsense banner.

Huge divisional game tomorrow,
2pm at Gateway Middle School in Monroeville.

Followed by “Soul” stice party at Guthrie’s.

Vote for Jesse Smith

All-Star Reserves Announced: Vote now for 25th man!


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