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Bulldogs, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball


the above link is also in the handouts section on the main site.

Seeds 5-10 determined by overall record among “AA” teams. Seeds 11&12 determined by overall record among “A” teams. -except the Eagles are now ranked 12 and are eliminated from playoff contention.

Something tells me the Warriors may have forfeitted too many games also, so who knows with that.

Seeds 1-4 are the AA champ and runner up, then the A champ and runner up.

the Ducks are 10-5 vs. AA teams, losses to the Sox, Canes (2) and Bulldogs the Bulldogs (10-3) lost to the Canes today.  the bulldogs play one more game against the maulers so they are done as far as AA games go i think.  We have them 20-11 in the net.

would you rather play the A champ in round 2 and the AA runner-up as the six seed, or the A runner up in rd. 2 and then the AA champ in the semis as the five seed?

the Militia are 6-6 in AA play, over half their wins are against A teams. They are set in the seven spot according to the disclaimer at the bottom of the bracket i copied above.

8-11: Warriors, Matadors, Titans, Knights, and the Eagles are still ineligible.

The Eagles franchise is a disgrace to baseball at any level. They are compromising the whole playoff format and i feel bad for the few guys on that team who give a shit about baseball.

there could be an interesting match  up in the 7-10 seed game if its Militia vs. Matadors, but then that might be militia vs. Titans since the eagles folded.

there could also be a Bulldogs Oilers matchup in the 6-4 second round game.

The Maulers overtook Big Oil for the AA regular season title.

fucking cheaters.

what a mess.

anyway, it’d be great to beat the Hurricanes and the Sox on the way to the championship, which is what we will probably have to do.

The road to the semis is wide open and I like our pitching depth against anyone’s.

we can’t finish worse than the six seed.

The eagles are ineligible. Adam Smith appeared in 15 games for the Ducks last season pitching 47 innings (team high for innings pitched). for a team that went 16-8. this season the Eagles only played 15 games total thanks to forfeits and Smith missed at least four games, so that leaves 11 games or 77 innings (not counting ten-run rule games) which is 12 more than Adam played last season.

So, Adam left a top-three team to play approximately half an inning more per game over a stupid resentment against one of the most likable guys in the league, TC Jones. Great decision, enjoy not having to be embarrassed in the playoffs.

Really only five teams have a shot at it, so it’s kind of like the majors in that respect. It’s nice to be one of those five teams.



2 thoughts on “link to playoff bracket

  1. The AA is wide open in the seeding

    The Hurricanes play the Matadors, and the Bulldogs play the Warriors tonight, that sets up either the Hurricanes as Allegheny champs (win or bulldogs loss) or the Bulldogs as Allegheny champs (hurricanes loss and win).

    Lets assume two things scenario A) Hurricanes as champs and scenario B) Bulldogs as champs.

    Scenario B is a lot less messy so I will start with that. Bulldogs beat Warriors, and Matadors beat Hurricanes. Bulldogs Allegheny champion, 5 seed is Hurricanes (AA: 12-4 = 0.750), 6 seed is Ducks (AA: 10-7 = 0.588, 11-6 = 0.647, or 12-5 = 0.706), 7 seed is Militia (AA: 8-6 = 0.571, 7-7 = 0.500, 6-8 = 0.429), 8 seed is Matadors (AA: 5-10 = 0.333), 9 seed is Warriors (AA: 3-11 0.214)

    Scenario A: Hurricanes beat Matadors and are Allegheny champion. Here is where it is really messy.

    Bulldogs beat Warriors: seed 5 is Bulldogs (11-4 = .733), 6 seed is Ducks (AA: 10-7 = 0.588, 11-6 = 0.647, or 12-5 = 0.706), 7 seed is Militia (AA: 8-6 = 0.571, 7-7 = 0.500, 6-8 = 0.429), 8 seed is Matadors (AA: 4-11 = 0.267), 9 seed is Warriors (AA: 3-11 0.214)

    Bulldogs lose to Warriors: seed 5 is either the Bulldogs (10-5 = .667) or Ducks (12-5 = 0.706), 6 seed is Ducks (AA: 10-7 = 0.588, 11-6 = 0.647) or Bulldogs (10-5 = 0.667), 7 seed is Militia (AA: 8-6 = 0.571, 7-7 = 0.500, 6-8 = 0.428), 8 seed is Warriors (AA: 4-11 = 0.267 tiebreaker over Matadors), 9 seed is Matadors (AA: 4-11 0.267)

    In Scenario A where the Hurricanes win Allegheny the Ducks must sweep the Militia and have the Bulldogs lose to the Warriors to be 5 seed, otherwise the Ducks are the 6.

    So in conclusion: Militia are 7 seed, Titians are 10 seed, Knights are 11 seed, and Eagles are not in playoffs.


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