Fightin’ Guest Post from Nate of the HURRICANES!!!


From the comments of the last post on the playoff tournament, also Kenny Powers thinks it’s retarded. I’d rather  have a traditional playoffs, with or without everyone making the post-season, but this will do.  I don’t think this format will prevent the best team from winning the title, it just appears to be very roundabout.

The goal is to have an A playoffs and an AA playoffs in the future which will make things easier.

The AA is wide open in the seeding

The Hurricanes play the Matadors, and the Bulldogs play the Warriors tonight, that sets up either the Hurricanes as Allegheny champs (win or bulldogs loss) or the Bulldogs as Allegheny champs (hurricanes loss and win).

Lets assume two things scenario A) Hurricanes as champs and scenario B) Bulldogs as champs.

Scenario B is a lot less messy so I will start with that. Bulldogs beat Warriors, and Matadors beat Hurricanes. Bulldogs Allegheny champion, 5 seed is Hurricanes (AA: 12-4 = 0.750), 6 seed is Ducks (AA: 10-7 = 0.588, 11-6 = 0.647, or 12-5 = 0.706), 7 seed is Militia (AA: 8-6 = 0.571, 7-7 = 0.500, 6-8 = 0.429), 8 seed is Matadors (AA: 5-10 = 0.333), 9 seed is Warriors (AA: 3-11 0.214)

Scenario A: Hurricanes beat Matadors and are Allegheny champion. Here is where it is really messy.

Bulldogs beat Warriors: seed 5 is Bulldogs (11-4 = .733), 6 seed is Ducks (AA: 10-7 = 0.588, 11-6 = 0.647, or 12-5 = 0.706), 7 seed is Militia (AA: 8-6 = 0.571, 7-7 = 0.500, 6-8 = 0.429), 8 seed is Matadors (AA: 4-11 = 0.267), 9 seed is Warriors (AA: 3-11 0.214)

Bulldogs lose to Warriors: seed 5 is either the Bulldogs (10-5 = .667) or Ducks (12-5 = 0.706), 6 seed is Ducks (AA: 10-7 = 0.588, 11-6 = 0.647) or Bulldogs (10-5 = 0.667), 7 seed is Militia (AA: 8-6 = 0.571, 7-7 = 0.500, 6-8 = 0.428), 8 seed is Warriors (AA: 4-11 = 0.267 tiebreaker over Matadors), 9 seed is Matadors (AA: 4-11 0.267)

In Scenario A where the Hurricanes win Allegheny the Ducks must sweep the Militia and have the Bulldogs lose to the Warriors to be 5 seed, otherwise the Ducks are the 6.

So in conclusion: Militia are 7 seed, Titians are 10 seed, Knights are 11 seed, and Eagles are not in playoffs.

Thanks, nate for taking the time to do all the math, i wasn’t up to such an endeavor.

More Gang Starr for Mike Martin.

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2 thoughts on “Fightin’ Guest Post from Nate of the HURRICANES!!!

  1. The playoff system can be improved, but I can see the point of having separate A and AA championships as well as a League championship.

    For example, the two first round byes for the A division doesn’t seem right, nor does giving a first round bye to an AA team that didn’t play in the AA championship. The whole thing of three divisions makes it real messy to do anything that is fair to everyone. So unless there is 4 divisions, having three first round byes is next to impossible.

    If the idea is to get a league championship that gives the A teams a chance, then I would propose a playoff like this. Combine the A championship with the league playoff.

    The four A teams are in their own bracket, seeds A1, A2, A3, and A4. They play a round 1 single elimination and a round 2 best of three to come up with the A champion.

    The AA champion and AA runner up can play a best of three, AA champ earns double bye, runner up earns single bye.

    Round 1: AA3 plays AA8, winner plays winner of AA4 and AA7. AA5 plays AA6 winner plays AA2 (runner up).

    AA champion plays A champion in round 3, and the remaining two AA teams play in round 3.

    The finals follow with the two remaining teams.

    I think another problem that could be solved with this years playoffs is if we weight the games between A and AA better. For example every AA team plays its own division 4 times, the other division 2 times and each A team once. (3 * 4 + 2 * 4 + 4 = 24games), that leaves A teams to play in their own division 5 times and each AA team once, (3 * 5 + 8 = 23 games) Division leaders have half instead of 1/3 of their games to go on and since two teams could split the season 2 apiece then tiebreaker could be AA record, then league record if needed, or just one game playoff.

    just my humble worthless opinion


  2. I think that makes sense, i’ve had some very similar ideas…you may want to consider running for commissioner, i know Joe has been looking for a worthy replacement for a while.

    I would have rather played the A teams once.
    Again, i think we’re going through a transition as we try to make this a league for college players and guys who haven’t played in a while or are old like me.


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