Homa-nyms battle for last playoff spot

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I was having a hard time thinking of anything derogatory to say about the Rakers.

Thankfully, Rakers sympathizer, Larry posted a harmless comment a couple entries back providing a nice segue into another Lebowski clip. “Good luck” he says. Right.
What does a smart person do if someone swings a rake at his head? he Ducks.
I’m not sure how the term “raking” came to be synonymous with hitting the ball well, but it has.
The Rakers are also sponsored by a landscaping company (the name escapes me but they have a banner), which all of us should patronize if given the chance. What a wonderful team name, given the circumstances. It even ends in “s” which, as a literary traditionalist and a baseball traditionalist), I admire.
Nich Homa set the Ducks single season strike out record last game.
The Ducks single game record is held by current Raker, Jeremy Barchie, who struckout 17 Black Sox two seasons ago, in a 5-5 tie. The spread on the game was Ducks (-.5), so who knows how legit all those K’s were, I did see a few noted gamblers on the premises.
Barchie came to the Ducks towards the end of the 2006 season, the only loss he suffered as a Duck came at the hands of the Orioles, who were once the Knights, then became the Knights again, before current head coach, Brandon Eberle took charge and they became the Rakers. Barchie conveniently left to play with his friends on the Orioles/Knights/Rakers.

I remember that loss two seasons ago because it was the last time I hit a home run. it was a line drive that traveled at least 290 feet to right center. we were playing on a small field. The home run came off All Star pitcher Ben Sorosky (sp.), off of whom I recorded my first hit of this season. Basically I own that guy. Actually, he is very good and I am fortunate to have had the success I’ve had against him.
The Rakers have great pitching, they don’t seem to score a lot of runs, but they beat the Black Sox three times this season. The only other teams to beat the Black Sox this year are the OwlZz and the Ducks.
It would be quite a different playoff picture if the two expansion teams (the Owlz and Hurricanes) were placed in opposite divisions, but I’m sure the league president’s Bulldogs (10-9) don’t mind, they are tied for third, in the same division as the two win Hurricanes.
We will probably get Barchie or Sorosky this Sunday. I enjoy the challenge of hitting against those two, whom I consider to be two of the best in the league.
Although I don’t think either of them have over 60 K’s this season.
It would be great poetic justice for the Ducks single game strike out record to be set against the Rakers. And for the author of this blog to get beaned in the spine.

Benedict Arnold. Traitor


  • Homa is a beast, he will have a chance to redeem an early season loss to the Bulldogs on Monday.
  • McCray grounded into the game ending double play the first time we played the Eagles, he had the game winning RBI on Monday.
  • Guthrie is swinging the bat well, he’s due for another triple.
  • Every game it’s someone different, coming up with a clutch hit.
  • The Eagles were quite loud, right up until the end, when we beat them.
  • Class act by Kolaja to let Giess hit for him in his last regular season game of the season.
  • TC is doing a better job than I did at finding the balance between getting everyone in and winning. We are assured a better winning percentage than last season, a lot of that is due to how TC has managed. Where were you in ’06, Skip?
  • Keep reading Bulldogs, I’ll give you some more bulletin board material in a day or so.

Go Ducks

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