pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Pre-Winston Ghostbusters

Exhibition game: Ducks vs. Matadors Saturday 9pm, Moore Park.

While I construct the season in review blog, I’d like to take time to announce I will be coaching a fall ball team. We will, of course, be the “Ghostbusters”. If anyone wants to play sign up at the NABA home page.
Phantoms register at your own risk.

The trade winds are swirling
Ducks may fly south for the winter, but I’ll keep everyone posted while Manager of the Year, TC Jones, and the front office work to assemble our ’09 Team of Destiny in the off-season.
Unless I’m the victim of a very cruel joke, there is a good chance the Ducks will acquire two all-star pitchers before next season.
The rotation would be the best the league has ever seen, unless Rob Cool of the Owlz brings in three guys from the Mexican Winter League, unfortunately this is something we can’t rule out.

The Warriors dominated the Oilers 18-5, to go up 1-0 in the Allegheny finals.
recap here: The Game

It’s interesting the recap is in yellow, what do you think, Fago, calling out the OwlZz perhaps?

Footage of Craig Boley at the post-game press conference.

The umpire says, “PLAY ball”
From 8-16 to 11-9-2. Eight games under to three games over .500. Quite a turnaround.

South Oakland has become a favorable destination for free agents. For the first time in a lwhile, the Ducks have played the game for the sake of enjoying it, and to win while accomplishing both feats.

I’m going to make hunting down Ian Dickman a priority this off-season, and convincing Swanger to move back to the ‘burgh.

Coby, I know you’re reading, the post-season party should be at your house, don’t let the team down.


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