pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Manager of the Year sent me the team awards, they’ll be up soon.

I’m going to let Coby’s post sit for a bit. It’s right below this one, it is solid.

His hair was perfect

Here’s Recap of the Warriors victory over the Owlz in Game two of the championship.
Game Three is tonight at 9pm, at John Herb Field. It should be an epic battle. Go check it out if you have time, last night was good baseball.

Owlz Pitcher Scott Dunn broke his arm playing first base in game one. I believe it was his non-throwing arm. The Ducks wish him a speedy recovery. Players of his caliber are good for the league.He strikes me as a good guy who enjoys the game, and plays the right way. He’d fit right in on the Ducks.

Sign up for Fall Baseball here
Hurry, spots are filling up fast.

Read the blog below, Pulitzer worthy.

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