Unofficial Blues Schedule,

pittsburgh NABA

Go Blues

The Pittsburgh Blues officially have no history; unofficially, it starts Saturday at 12:30pm. the Blue & Gray Schedule was posted, with this disclaimer:

2008 Blue & Gray Schedule

This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to change. A final schedule will be produced and provided to manager’s at check-in.

DO NOT duplicate or distribute this preliminary schedule. Only a schedule which reads “Final Schedule” should be used for tournament purposes.

I’m guilty of possession of preliminary schedule with intent to distribute.

The Blues are one of five teams in the 18A pool.
As of now, the Blues are scheduled to play the Middlesex Pirates as 12:30 pm at Prince William Stadium, Home of the Potomac Nationals, the single A affiliate of the Washington Nationals. Personally I’m looking forward to playing in a stadium names after a fellow Welshman.

No word on whether or not this blue mascot will be in attendance, ironically, he’s also a fellow Welshman.

The Blues are scheduled to play two or their four guaranteed games at Prince William Stadium.

Is that grass on the infield?

Judging from the GoogleEarth pictures of Prince William Stadium,I linked we are probably playing our other two games in the complex surrounding the stadium, but I’m not sure.

the Stadium has actually been renamed,

G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium
7 County Complex
Manassas, VA 20110

Know Your Enemy: Scouting report for the other teams in the Blue & Gray Classic 18A Division

As I mentioned yesterday, the Florida Rangers will fight .

There was once a Pittsburgh NABA team named the Rangers, they became the Phantoms and played a key role in the development of South Oakland Duck, Chris Wojoton.
Coincidentally the Texas Rangers used to be the Washington Senators, the team that replaced the first Senator team that left to become the Twins. The second Senators were replaced by the Washington Nationals, whose minor league park will be the venue for half of the Blue Gray Tournament games.

Judging by their website the New York Metro’s don’t mess around.
By taking advantage of deep player pool of the densely populated NY metropolitan area, they probably have assembled a nasty squad.

All business.

Metro’s second baseman, has an astronomical OPS.


The Middlesex Pirates Myspace page.

This team is from New Jersey, but I’m guessing there’s a Pittsburgh guy with a man-crush on Andy VanSlyke on the roster somewhere.

Perhaps it is Steve Bovo (via. Middlesex Pirates Myspace)

Other reasons they could be named the Pirates include; cheapest jerseys available since the Pirates are terrible, or maybe they just like Pirates.

leaf blower with stocking.

We have to beat the Pirates


The enigma of the 18A Pool is the Lancaster Illusion.
The folks at NABA National HQ said they were a team of eight, that filled out their roster will pool players/mercenaries.

I’ve been to Lancaster, and I’m guessing we’ll see this guy on the hill. His stuff is filthy

Those of us familiar with Richard III know the house of Lancaster was dominated by the house of York. Look for the New York Metro’s (and the Blues) to beat the Illusion.

The Lancaster Illusion is the Ducks blog favorite non-Blues team in the division. Here’s why, besides the obvious, creative, non-plural name.

There is a chance their front office is operating on this kind of a level.

Richard III is my favorite history play by Shakespeare.

The house of Lancaster was represented by a red rose.

Guns ‘n’ Roses also incorporates the red rose in the band’s logo

Guns ‘n’ Roses’ third double album is none other than

Use Your Illusion.

Note: Use your Illusion II contains the ballad Civil War, which I have alluded to in relation to the Blue Gray Classic.

Video “Don’t Damn Me”, (profanity)

Your satisfaction lies in your illusion.

Coby this is solid Rock ‘n’ Roll.

There are also the obvious connections between Axl Rose and Richard III and the dastardly things they did in their respective quests for glory, which I may develop into a thesis.
If these guys from Lancaster did this on purpose they are my heroes.

Go Blues.

Quack, quack.

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