Ghostbusters Fall Ball Team…My take on Blues team awards

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Fall Ball starts this weekend, time and place TBD. There is still time to sign up at the league’s home page.
The fall season will run until Thanksgiving, by then most of us will be caught in the iron clad grip of the NFL, and the Penguins’ season will be well underway. Then it is only a few months until winter meetings, and possibly a winter tournament for the Blues. I’m going to make fund raising for the Blues and Ducks and off-season priority. I have sponsorship request forms if anyone wants them. Email me at, for sponsorship info, and any other ideas or questions for future tournaments.

The Metros won the Blue & Gray Classic, beating the Rangers 13-11. I don’t believe it. I hope they plan on playing in next season’s Atlantic City tournament. I want another shot at that team. I think we all do.

Metros utility player

I’m amazed that there wasn’t a way to have a semi-final game in VA. If that was the case, the Blues who finished third, would have played the Rangers with the winner taking on the Metros.
I am not pleased that we only got to play three games, after I was told we would be able to play a semifinal if we finished in third place. I don’t know all the ins and outs of why we got screwed, but that’s how it goes sometimes.


The Pittsburgh NABA grew in leaps and bounds this season. The high level of play during the regular season helped prepare the Blues for the trip to VA. We were not overwhelmed by anyone, and a lot of that is due to the consistency of the pitching and overall team play by all the Pittsburgh teams this past year.

A lot of guys on the Ducks ask me why I don’t hate the Black Sox, and I tell them it is because I’d played alongside Kenny and Matt in AC and Phoenix. The return of Pittsburgh to the tournament circuit, will bring the league closer together, and perhaps decrease some of the animosity we’ve seen over the past seasons. It’s hard to hate guys who you have played alongside while representing your city. At the same time it intensifies the rivalries in a different way. Players from the Rebels, Matadors, Eagles, Phantoms and Owlz all declined invitations to play on the Blues.

Bringing a title home to Pittsburgh would mean as much to me as it would to bring a title home to South Oakland. I would be hard pressed to chose one over the other. In 2009 I’m hoping to accomplish both, after dominating the fall league with the Ghostbusters.


Cy Young: Ben Sorosky
My conoslation prize for an unreal performance in a game that defined the term “hard-luck loss”

Co-MVP: Craig Boley, Jason Ashcroft
The battery for our lone win in the tourney; Boley lead caught two nine inning games, was among the team leaders in OBP, and Ashcroft threw a gem in our game one victory.

Offensive Players of the Tournament: Kenny Rayl, Brian Strom
Kenny played an inspired game against the Metros, and scored our only run vs. the Rangers. Strom had the game winning RBI vs. the Illusion, and the only RBI vs. the Rangers

Outstanding defensives performance: BJ Rankin, Jason Goldie
This could have gone to anyone, but I think they stole the most hits, and played the two most important positions with incredible consistency. As is the case with the MLB gold glove award, Jason Goldie lead the team with five hits in three games, which should be noted somewhere. Goldie also threw out two runners at home.

Hats off to Joe Graff for putting other players in ahead of himself, and selflessly managing the team, and for a great game at second base in game one.

Go Blues

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