Roll Tide! My Plan for League Realignment

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Garrett Moore, backup catcher, outfielder, prophet

Maybe you’ve gone through a phase where you frequently bet on college football, maybe you are just a fan of the great state of Alabama, either way Garrett Moore’s early season prediction of the Crimson Tide’s dominance must seem somewhat surreal, maybe a little bit frightening.

Among other things, Moore spent time between Blues game’s this past Labor Day weekend in Virginia shouting, “roll tide”, after winning a hefty sum on the ‘Bama, Clemson game that weekend, and now the University of Alabama has a shot at getting a shot at the national title, should they defeat #4 Florida this weekend. What an exciting game, kind of like the Ducks vs. Rakers season finale. We need to do more to make these kind of exciting games possible in the Pittsburgh NABA.

With the College Bowl Season right around the corner, and the only NABA news, revolving around how to improve the structure of the divisions, and make the league more inviting to potential players, I have come up with an idea I think will improve the level of competition and simplify things, a bit, i call it, Ben’s Competition Standardization, or BCS for short.

Here’s how it works, first all the teams need to have a town, borough or city in their name, and then we take what I assume will be 16 teams (if the current rate of expansion holds true) and put them in four, four-team divisions based on their location. So we have the 16 teams, last season’s 12, plus the Gray Bats, and these 3 imaginary teams: The Grove City Grave Diggaz!, the South Side Brewers, and the Bloomfield Blue Sox…

Now we rank these teams in the pre-season based on last years finish, not taking the divisions into account
1. Owlz
2. Warriors
3. Black SOx
4. Oilers
5. Ducks
6. Bull Dogs (yeah, I know)
7. Grounds Keeper Willies (rakers)
8. Hotel California’s
9. Matadors
10. Hurricane Carter’s
11. Phantoms
12. The Confederacy

13. Gray Bats
14. Grave Diggaz!
15. Blue Sox
16. Brewers

Now after each week, we have the managers and the media rank these teams. “What Media?”, you might ask. Well there would be some overlap, as most blogs are run by managers, and I guess Joe at the Bull Dogs Blog wouldn’t be able to vote since he’s the comissioner, and he’s a cheater . And no one will be around to run the Grounds Keeper Willie’s blog since Sorosky left for the Ducks, I mean Larry’s future 10-14 Gray Bats ( I give you eight wins next year Sorosky, get used to Steve Carlton references). So some folks will get two votes and some teams will start blogs just to get a chance to vote in the media polls, but that shouldn’t matter too much. the other part of the rankings system will be based on a computer formula no one really understands, and will depend on margin of victory, strength of schedule, opponents strength of schedule and a team’s opponents’ opponents’ strength of schedule, plus wins and losses.

We will then take a composite ranking, basically the mean of the coach’s poll, media poll and the computer rankings, and at the end of the season the top two teams will play for the championship, the third and fourth ranked teams and the fifth and sixth seeded teams will also play for the right to call themselves champions of their respective series’. Then we have the rest of the teams play in post season games that mean absolutely nothing.

This allows for teams like the Bull Dogs and Oilers (the Oilers are my sleeper team to come out of the Allegheny this year as the will probably pick up a couple defectors from the Warriors.) , who play in the weak division to pile up wins against The Hurricanes, Phantoms, and Matadors, and knock out teams like last year’s Rakers who will probably lose close games to better teams.

With this formula, teams will have to run up the score, so naturally this gives the defending champs the best shot at becoming the first repeat champions in the league’s six years.

I guess that’s basically it, there will be divisions that mean nothing,a team in an extremely weak division can go undefeated and it will not matter, and if a team has a great record but loses to good teams due to playing in the toughest conference, they will be punished for playing in that conference while a Big Ten team gets desrtoyed in the championship. So the best way to secure a bid in the championship is to assemble a very good, not necessarily dominant team, and play in a pretty good conference, but not the toughest conference because that would just lead to unnecessary loses.

It may seem like this would prevent the two best teams from playing each other, but it will make the regular season so much more exciting. Just imagine, the Ducks, Black Sox game in the second week of the season will basically be for the right to go to the BCS Championship.


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