Spagnasty leads Groundhogs to first victory: Groundhogs 10, Giants 3

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA

Joe Graff and his new friend.

Went to Harvard.

Jim Spagnola pitched seven innings allowing 3 runs, on four hits, striking out three Giants, and walking two.

The Pittsburgh NABA Groundhogs Modified Rules Winter Baseball Club played solid defense behind Spags, turning between two and four double plays.

Brian Strom went 3-4, Joe Graff continues to run fast and get on base while recording base hits and drawing walks.

If Ben Gwin and Vinny Gala start hitting at the same time, the Groundhogs will be unstoppable.

Groundhogs mid-season acquisition, Blue Shirt, hit a triple and brought pine tar. The other guy from the Huskies whose name I don’t remember is a solid hitter and continues to drive in runs.

The Giants started Jeff Hostetler on the mound for an injured Phil Simms, but he was ineffective early, allowing six runs in the first two innings.

I think Joe got a hit, possibly two.
Strom surprised everyone going without eye black, or sunglasses. blinded by the bright indoor lighting, he relied heavily on his sense of smell, and played an unreal game at third.

The Giants relied heavily on these two, Banjo and Accordion. not the devastating double play combo you might think

The Groundhogs jumped out to a 7-3 lead and added three more in the last two innings.

The game started ominously for the no longer undefeated Giants:
Jimmy Spagmatic hit the first two Giants but they refused to take their free base, leading to a pop out, a walk and a double play for a 1-2-3 first inning.

Then Jeff Kent ate a dead bird

The Groundhogs have scored 16 runs in their last nine innings and are undefeated since, starting pitcher, Jim-bo Spagmania joined the team, he fields the position well, and will contend for a spot in the Ducks rotation while helping to solidify what is shaping up to be a very deep South Oakland bullpen this summer.


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