League Update with apologies to Excitable Boy/the French Connection

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Ducks Blog Staff, thanks for picking up the slack while I ran around the East Coast like a moron.
The Blues win in Atlantic City is a very significant milestone for our league.
We were helped emensly by a few of the Owlz playaz.

Will Kenny Powers be able to put his hatred of the Owlz aside and rejoin the Blues along with his arch-nemesis Rob Cool?
The Owlz players played hard, played hurt, and were great teammates.
It was always about Pittsburgh and not about the Owlz.
I did hear a strange noise coming from their hotel room…

Joe Graff had a .700 obp, and was the sparkplug for the team.
Vinny played on one leg and still raked in the semi’s.
Brian Strom and Jeremy Barchie had two of the gutsiest pitching performances i’ve seen outside of Nick Homa, and Adam Smith this season.

Rob Swanger went yard in the semifinals, and had an acrobatic day in the outfield in a must win pool play game.
I got on base 6 of 8 times in the semi’s and the finals and only hit the ball hard twice, that’s not easy. Thankfully I didn’t boot any routine plays in right, or kick them like Brett Hull kicked the puck past Hasek a few years back.

I had a conversation with Rob Cool last year, and he was complaining about not having a catcher…So he went out and got Mike Scoscia’s second cousin.

Scott Dunn allowed 2 runs over 14 innings, recorded a win and two saves, hit .490 with 3 home runs, and banged the Metros shortstop’s mom during the seventh inning stretch.

Anyone who says they wouldn’t stack their team like Rob does if they had the means to do so is delusional.
I don’t believe it but I can’t fuck with these guyz any more, at least I still have the Confederacy, and two other Bloggers on the staff who probably think I’m lying.

The Owlz haven’t seen the best South Oakland has to offer.
That will be the game of the year at the Duck Pond. – not to look ahead or anything –
We can beat that team.
It would be so boring if the Owlz just blew everyoen out of the water, and went undefeated.
Someone has to stop them.
I believe in Dr. Jones

Kenny Powers spent his Memorial Day at a cookout.

I got ride the coattails of a great Blues team to a championship in A.C. then watch the Pens win the Prince of Whales trophy.
As a Welshman this makes me proud beyond belief.

A Labor Day tournament to be held in Pittsburgh is in the works, and will most likely feature teams from our league and not the Blues, which means the Ducks would a chance to enter a team in the event.
If you’d like to help out with this email the commish at: Conspiracytof_cktheGrayBats@LarryZwhines.com
if that address doesn’t work try:
We might have to un-retire a few numbers, and call up Barchie, clearly our roster isn’t big enough as it is.

There will be a full, narrative recap of last weekend’s events written by South Oakland Duck, and fellow Pitt English Department product, Rob Swanger.


Batting Practice at the Pitt IM field: Saturday at 1pm, and Sunday from 12:30-1:30.

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