Gameday [20]: Ducks vs. Gray Bats

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Ducks (12-7) at Gray Bats (3-17)
Pie Traynor Field
BP: 12-1:30 at PItt

Naturally these guys have added some players at the deadline.
They are still a joke – collectively.

if we lose to a 3-17 team down the stretch when we really need to right the ship and get our bats going into the playoffs we should disband.

Why keep score if winning doesn’t matter?

We have to win out and get help to get the 2 seed.
We can’t overlook anyone.
We’ve lost to some terrible teams this year.
We’ve beaten some very good teams this season.

Gotta have it today.

Abe Lincoln is back
in a warm-up game for the Confederacy on Monday

Bad News for the Gray Bats.


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