Gray Bats, Weak, Day 1. Grey Album: Encore.

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

BP tonight at 6:30
Scrimmage vs. Owlz tomorrow, details to be announced, asap – Cool feel free to chime in in the comments section or email TC when you know what’s going on – .
BP Wed. 6:30
BP Thurs. 6:30

Take one for your team

The Gray Bats are not as bad as their .125 winning percentage suggests.
Baseball is a humbling game sometimes, I’ve seen weird things happen, just ask the hole in the fence at Pie Traynor.
No one wants their season to end on Saturday.
As a competitor I appreciate the Gray Bats confidence, but still, the Ducks have proven over the course of 24 games to be the better team.
We have also proven in the 3 games against the Gray Bats that we are the better team.
We have to prove it when our season is on the line.

We have seen unreal amounts of trash talking between both teams all season.
There’s the Gray Bats manager and his fucking views on censorship – that’s another sub-plot.
If i ever hit under .200 when i was coaching i would have benched myself…

He took a shot at the Ducks Blog’s affiliation with Abe Lincoln.
Probably because Abe Lincoln was a real leader.

During Fall Ball I edited the Gray Bat wikipedia entry, not sure how that is looking now.
Someone should do that again, and get a screen shot of it…

I watched the entire first season of East Bound and Down yesterday.

I think “Ducks Die Together” is a great screen name, clever at worst…

Dangermouse is unreal.

Foes that wanna make sure my caskets closed

If we want a shot at redemption for the beating we took at the hands of Kenny Powers last season, we must win on Saturday.



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